Chapter 28:

(11th of Hearthfire)

The sun was setting by the time they had reached Windhelm. Of course, what little peace they had was ripped apart when yet another dragon shows itself, hitting the ground with a powerful ice breath. She responds in return with her fire breath to keep the ice at bay as a large number of guards show up to deal with the threat. It was easy to take it down, thanks to all the guards aiming bows at the thing. They stand in awe when they see her adsorb the dragons soul and a rough looking solder walks up to her. "You should speak with our Jarl, he'll want to know about this.." Sara looks to Vilkas, but with all the guards surrounding her, no was not an answer. They escort her through the city, right up to the large Palace. She had never been to this place as they let her in. There was a large table in the middle of the throne room, covered in all kinds of food. A large Nord sat on the throne near the back walk, talking to a man with a large bear pelt on his back. Ulfric looks up as they enter, his eyes narrow a bit. "I remember you." She blinks as she looks him over. "Oh..aye, you were at Helgen, you had a gag on." He chuckles a bit as he stands, walking over to her. "You were brave to jump through that hole just as the dragon came in.." She gives him a small shrug. "It got me out."

Ulfric looks her over, studding her and all Vilkas could do was growl lightly. "So, what brings you here?" The guard that lead the way steps up. "There was a dragon attack outside the city walls. We killed it and she took it's soul, she's the Dragonborn we heard about." His brows shoot up at this news, placing his hand on his chin. "You don't say, so you're the one the Graybeards called....interesting.." She shuffles a bit, something about this man made her nervous. From what she had picked up from rumors was that he had learned the Way of the Voice, challenged the High King, then murdered him. Some people argued it was an honorable fight. Other says he used his Thu'um against the king to get the upper hand. Either way it wasn't her problem, but she got the feeling Ulfric was going to make it her problem. "Well then, I'm glad you survived Dragonborn, have you given any though to joining the war?" And there it was, Vilkas was quick to answer for her. "She leads the Companions, we take no stance in this war." Ulfric didn't like that answer as Sara calmly raises her hand. "Now now, with all due respect...I know nothing of this war outside of what I've managed to pick up. I respect what you do, trying to free people of the Thalmor, but I disagree with how you're going about it.."

Again, Ulfric didn't seem to like her answer, but she couldn't really care less. "Look, sir, you can drive out the Empire if that is your wish. Honestly I have no idea why the Emperor even agreed to allow the Thalmor to take control.." She shakes her head helplessly. "But tell me the truth, if you did win this war, just what do you really plan to do to change what's happened?" Ulfric pauses, and for a minute, he almost didn't have an answer. His only goal so far was to win the war so he could become the new High King. Then he would deal with the Thalmor. "I will use my power to drive those elves out of Skyrim for good.." He speaks at an even tone. She keeps her eyes on him, seeing his heart beat faster as he spoke. "Only to realize they won't go down without a fight and you'll end up with another war, that you would lose, horribly.." Just as she figured, his vision was narrow, his only goal was to win. He didn't care how, he just wanted the crown to gain control he didn't have. He lets out a low growl at her. "As appose to what, let the Empire continue to run things, to keep looking the other way as the Thalmor continue to kill those that worship Talos?" She lets out a low sigh, she didn't really come here to talk politics. It was starting to give her a headache.

"Look I'm not happy about the Empire either, they did try to kill me after all, but that's my own damn fault..." She throws her hands up a bit. "But for Gods sake man open your eyes!" He jumps at that as Galmar, the man with the bear pelt, steps forward. She doesn't back down however. "If this is how you plan to run things, it will be a cold day in Hell before I address you as king.." He narrows his eyes at her as he leans in, she was far from intimidated by him. "You turn against the Stormcloaks, you make a powerful enemy Dragonborn." "My name is Sara...and if it comes to a point where I do have to pick a side, I'll make damn sure it's the one that puts a end to this, and you." Ulfric had gone res with anger as he points to the door. "Remove yourself from my Palace!" "With pleasure!" She turns and goes out the way she came, Vilkas quickly following after her. He lowers his head a bit once they return outside and she lets out a frustrated groan. "That pig-headed, stubborn oaf, he doesn't care about his people, he just wants the crown!" He jumps as he tries to calm her, not wanted to end up in jail, or worse. They head for the inn and they find a quiet spot to talk. Vilkas made sure no one was listening before moving close. "You think this is wise?"

She lets out deep growl as she runs her fingers through her hair. "I don't know..." She sighs as she shakes her head. "On the one hand, I agree with Ulfric, the Thalmor have caused a lot of damage, we saw for ourselves what they are like..." She closes her eyes for a minute. "But he's ignoring the bigger picture, and that's what bothers me.." He stays close to her. "And the Empire?" She leans her head back as she rubs the side of her head. "If they win, there's no guarantee they'll do a damn thing about the Thalmor and just continue to look the other's no wonder the Companions are staying out of this..." She lays her head on the table. The way she saw it, it was a lose lose situation. No matter which way she went, things just wouldn't end well. "Then again.." She slowly puts her chin on her arms. "If I did join the Legion..." She shakes her head, this was far to much. "I feel like I'm going in a circle here.." Vilkas moves himself to her side as he rubs her back lightly to try and help. "If you had a choice, lets say if you weren't with the Companions, what would you do?" He lets out a low hum, he had never gave it much thought. "I am...not sure, come to the same problem you're having, neither side seem to be in the right..."

She slams her head on the table and a few people turn to look at them. "Can we just go hide and let the whole thing just blow over?" He chuckles at her softly as he keeps his hand on her. "Nay love.." "You're no fun..." It takes her a moment to sit up, her fingers tapping on the table. Her eyes narrow as she drums her fingers against the wood. "Joining the Legion could get me close to the Emperor himself..." She had never met the guy, but she knew about him. "Without him, there's not much of a reason for the Thalmor to hang around...unless they want to start another war..." His eyes go wide as she speaks. "What are you saying, you plan to assassinate the Emperor?" She covers his mouth as she lets out a low growl. "Shh..." She lets him go as she pulls him closer. "I don't know..right now I don't have an answer to this problem, but one thing is for sure, someone needs to answer for it...." He frowns a bit as he holds her hand. "If that's the case I'd rather you join the Stormcloaks, it's less crazy." She giggles softly as she kisses the top of his head. "No one said this was going to be easy aye...lets just get some sleep, get what we need and head out before we cause a ruckus."

Vilkas gets them a room and she was more than happy to remove her armor, and flop herself on something soft. She grabs a near by pillow and just hides her face in it. Vilkas says nothing as he removes his armor, and soon joins her. He rubs his shoulder lightly as he smirks. "No matter what you decide, I'll stand by you..." She sighs as she turns to look up at him. "Even when it's crazy as all Hell?" He leans himself down as he kisses her. "Aye.." She lets out another side as she pulls him on top of her. "I don't really know what to do..." She nuzzles her head into him. "For right now, I think dealing with Alduin needs to come first...we'll deal with this war, later...much later." She closes her eyes, wanting nothing more than to just fall into a deep sleep. He blows out the last candle as he wraps his arms around her, toying with her long hair. He never noticed it curled a bit near the tips. "The Moot should just name you High Queen.." She lets out a snort at that. "What, are you nuts!?" She gives him a playful smack on his chest. "Would I even be considered a possible candidate?" He tilts her head up as he looks at her in the darkness. "You're making a name for yourself out here, and as the Dragonborn, it's possible.."

She never really thought they would even bother. With Ulfric out of the picture, maybe, just maybe. "If this war does come to a end, take out Ulfric, deal with the Emperor, maybe...we'll just have to be careful, no matter what we decided." He nods as he starts to drift to sleep. "Aye..." He lets out a low snore, the man was out cold. She roll her eyes a bit as she starts to relax a bit. It wasn't an easy choice to make, but it was the only one that really made sense. She was already apart of the Legion, all she really had to do was make things official. She just hoped this worked, but for now, she just sleep over take her, allowing her a bit of peace before morning. Vilkas stirs a bit however, and soon he starts to roll. She yips softly as he seems to take her with him and she blinks awake. It was the first time in awhile he was this restless. The moons were almost completely full which meant it would only get worse until then. Being a wolf, they had moments, during curtain times of the year their need to mate outweighed anything else their body needed. She blushes a bit as he lets out a deep growl, this was going to be a long night.

(12th of Hearthfire)

Sara got very little sleep that night thanks to the up coming full moons. Vilkas was all over her that night, growling, grinding against her. She would growl back and n** at him, but that only got him to hold on tighter and grab her in different places. She was on her stomach by morning, her mate on top of her. He was to busy licking her in his sleep to care she was uncomfortable. He slowly starts to wake up and he blinks, letting her go. She takes in a deep breath as she moves away. "Air!" He narrows his eyes at her as he sits up. "Funny." She lets out a low sigh, of course he would wake up grumpy. She turns as she wraps her arms around him, pressing herself against his back. "Sorry, I didn't mean to tease, it's only going to get harder..." He turns his head to her, leaning against her. He never had a mate for this before. "You shouldn't worry about me, we still need to get into Blackreach.." He was trying to keep his mind off of it for right now, but that wasn't the best idea either. She turns his head to look at her. "'s not going anywhere.." She had tried, and failed to ignore what her body went through, when she did go through it. She had stressed herself out so badly, she still didn't like thinking about it. He could hurt himself seriously if he ignored the call.

Still she would rather be somewhere, outside a city then have people think wolves had gotten into the city. "Tell you what, lets get what we need, head out, find this tower, and go from there." She smiles as she runs her hands down his back, making him shutter. "We'll find somewhere to camp, far from any city and go wild for the night, it should help." He turns to her fully, still a bit unsure. She seems to read his mind as she keeps her hands on him. "Hey I'll be fine..." Deep down she wasn't sure just how well she could keep up. "I may not feel" She looks down a bit. "I have no idea how this is going to work..." He gets up as he takes her with her. She blinks as he pulls her to him and holds her tight against his body. "It just means I get to enjoy you, under the light of the moons.." He places his hand on her cheek. "For one full night, my body will belong to only you.." She blushes deeply, her heart fluttering quickly. "As I will belong to you...I just...feel...guilty nothing will come of it.." "Don't.." She jumps at that. "Don't ever feel I said before, I don't care..I only care about you, not what you can give me." He kisses her before letting her go, so they could get ready for the day.