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Ryo's Travels
My life & journey through MY eyes.

This weekend was really weird... (and this was the weekend of 7/7 -- since this posted late)


I went up to Philly on Thursday night to get some stuff from Rob's, see if I can poach anything from Meredith's and for a dentist appt on Friday morning. I wanted to get up there Wednesday night (Tuesday night, tbh) but Rob said I can't...more on that later.

I went to my dentist appt at 9:30am. I got my iBrows done right after that. Then I ubered back home to Rob's.

Almost as soon as I got back to Rob's. Meredith and I set up a lunch date for around 12:30pm. I ubered back downtown to meet Mere and Stefy for lunch at Corner Bakery which was super nice. Afterward, Meredith dragged me back to the hotel to get a spare key for her house and I had to wait around for Lanez to be free to talk to her. I chatter with Toni and then Lanez for a little bit before running out the door and catching an uber back home.

As soon as I got back to the house, I see Truly there and she basically asks me to take her to 31st and Lehigh because her son was driving her car on a suspended license and he got pulled over. Luckily I didn't have any meetings so I was able to drop her off and go back to the house.

I feel like after such a busy day, I might've sent an email or two...answered a JIRA ticket or two...then gave up. I barely got any emails, JIRA tickets or chats at all on Friday so I'm wondering if anyone was really working. You know I'm not complaining, but Friday was a complete wash rofl

I feel like I went to sleep and woke back up to Truly, Maurice and his kids and grandkids and more terrorizing the entire house. I'm downstairs, dazed and confused. Maurice walks in the door and introduces himself and let's me know that he knows who I am and that Rob and I are getting married heart I tell him that it's nice to meet him and welcome home, asking him how it feels. Then I tell him that the plan is for him to stay in this house, take care of the bills and daddy and Rob will eventually move down to the DMV with me.

Rob eventually got home, I hung out for a bit and I feel like after that...I think I ended up going to sleep (again?), waking up and Rob and I went to Friday's...whew chile the ghetto.

Then we got back to the house and hung out with the 10 people that were invading the house until late that night.

When it was time to go to bed, Dante and Faheem (the teens Rob has been fostering for the past few months) were in the bed watching tv. Rob told them it was time to go to bed and Faheem pretty much started going off about how they're always in the bed with him and why did they have to leave now. It was very annoying. I left the room, Rob dealt with him and was all pissy afterward, telling me I had to leave tomorrow and I was just perturbed going to sleep.


Apparently Faheem went off the night before because Maurice told Faheem that Rob was moving out next week and they'd be stuck together. I told Rob he needed to do a better job at managing the pieces in his life. I had a conversation with Maurice (about how Rob's moving down with me), which he had a separate conversation with Faheem that blew up in Rob's face.

Anyway, on Saturday Rob and I rode down to the Schuylkill River Banks and sat under a tree and talked. It was super relaxing and I was happy to spend the time with him. Especially since I hadn't had a moment with him since I got there. Mostly he talked about the kids and Maurice...and I was over it. And I'm over him. After that we rode to Wawa, at a little bit and headed home. I can't remember if I left Saturday or Sunday, but I think it was Saturday.

Something else weird happened on Sunday but I really can't remember.

There's actually...a lot going on right now in Rob's life, which of course effects my life directly....and I'm over it all. I'm kinda in the process of trying to get back to...me...because I knew for the past few months I've been kinda sad and depressed.

More to come.

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