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A bit of this, a bit of that.
It begins...(DAO/I sort of)
A mysterious missive summoned the Reaver of Highever to a tavern on the border of Orlais and Fereldan. The battle scarred mercenary entered and took a seat in a booth at the back, just as the missive instructed. Table service looked to be a no go here and with nothing to drink this was going to be a long wait. Or so she thought at least.
"So you got our message...Alyssa Cousland." A voice from the shadows called. And the Reaver's hand went to her sword. "Who told you that!? No one calls me that anymore!" Lys growled, low and trying to keep her cool. It would be unwise to draw undue attention here.
"The Nightingale sees many things. Including your true name. But now that we have your attention and you know we are serious. Here." The shadowed figured stepped close enough to be observed now. She wore red leather from head to toe, a hood hiding most of her face in shadow, but what could be seen showed elven tattoos.
"The Nightingale? Crap...you're from the Inquisition...you know you didn't need all this cloak and dagger...you could've just bought my sword-"
"The Inquisition doesn't want your Company. Only you, Lys. Sister Nightingale doesn't trust your Company, but believes you can be swayed." The messenger spoke softly, and handed over a rolled up parchment.
"Of course, if you prove to be less than what she believes, I have leave to end you." A smirk curled the elf's lips, drawing a blade, the design was famous, even by elven standards, and was attributed to many political deaths throughout Orlais and Fereldan
"And now I know who you are too...'Little Blade', Da'mi of Clan Lavellan." Lys smirked herself, as he Elf's own smirk faltered. "Lucky guess - Read it...decide...I'll be here again tomorrow night for your answer or your head." And then the Elf was gone, back into the shadows she came from.

Lys sighed and grabbed herself some alcohol, crappy little border tavern like this didn't have the best choices unfortunately, but it'd do. She unrolled the document and began to read. "Hm...based out of Highever? Slaves...Red Lirium? Ugh...looks like I was right about the new boss...he really is up to no good." She heaved a sigh, trying not to care but it really bugged her. "I guess I might have to take The Nightingale's offer...cuz soon I'm gonna be out of work with these guys."

Lady Rain Noire
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Lady Rain Noire
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