Today I have not played pokemon go, mainly because none of my friends invited me out anywhere to go do so. It is frightening to go out too far in this town, especially if you have a form of social anxiety that is weird and makes me really awkward to be around without my friends.

I've sat at home, watched tv and played duel links on my cellular telephone, while sitting on the porch in my rocking chair, watching the sunset and the hispanic latino people all around my neighborhood playing their loud music. I do mind their music very much, I find it quite soothing, but I know most people say really awful things about them. I even enjoy the music at night, especially in the summer time, it makes me feel less alone.

Perhaps at around 11:30 tonight I will go to get a pokemon stop to keep my daily row going and at midnight do tomorrow's pokestop to further continue my daily upkeep.