Chapter 14: {A lot of mead can make a man brave. emotion_awesome }

(25th of Last Seed)

Sara woke up to him grouping her breast. She had felt it earlier, and smacked his hand. He must had just found his way back, he was enjoying himself it seemed by the look on his face. She was still a bit tired from the night before, and he was out cold, so she wasn't moving yet. Not until he let her go, he was still on her after all. She was half asleep when his hand finally seemed to let her go and she lets out a small breath, that was until she realized where he was going. She wasn't sure at first, that was until he got his hand down her trousers. Her eyes go wide as his fingers brush against her womanhood. "Vilkas!" This man was going to be the end of her with the way he was going. He lets out the lowest growl that made her whole body vibrate. "Mine.." He growls as he bites her collarbone. She lets out a soft yip as she shoves his shoulder. "Vil---oh gosh..." Her words die as he slides a few of his fingers into her. Her leg kicks at the unexpected pleasure. She just misses kicking him however as he holds her with one side of his body as he uses his right hand to touch her. There was something going on in that mind of his. But she keeps in mind, sleep elsewhere when he was drunk.

She squirms under him, he knew just the right way to touch her that made her gasp. He doesn't hurt her however, as his lips seem to travel up her neck. He kisses the soft spot, just above the shoulder and her eyes go wide. Was he about to mark her? Now she really needed to wake him before he did something he couldn't take back. Sure she liked the guy, but she wasn't sure if she was ready for, that. Gods forgive her, he was a hard man to wake up. She grabs a hold of his shoulder and gives him a rough shake. "Vilkas!" He jolts and grumbles. "WHAT!" She bats her eyes at him and just watches the color in his face drain. "O-oh..." She jumps as he removes his hand, it was coated in her scent as well as her juices. "Oh get really touchy drunk, you should come with a warning label." He ducks his head, wanting to go hide now. "I can explain..." She lets out a low sigh. "Vilkas, you don't need to, but my God man, learn to wake up faster..." She felt odd now, she wasn't used to anyone touching her, let alone pleasure her. "But on the up side you didn't hurt me..just...surprised me, I've never..." She blinks as he leans over her, licking at his fingers. She could see the wolf behind that gaze. "I know, I can smell it..." His voice had that husky tone to it. "It calls to me..." She blushes hard, wondering if this was him, the wolf, or was he still drunk?

He seemed to be caught somewhere in the middle of all of it. He moves his hands over her, as he growls lightly. "Vilkas..." She needed some cold water or something to snap him out of this. "Sara..allow me..." She watches as he moves his way down, pulling away the buckle to her pants. She just watches as he slips them down and throws them to the floor. "What are you...?" He says nothing as he strips the rest of her small clothes so he could get a proper smell of her as he just spreads her legs, and dives in. She lets out a gasp as he runs his tongue over her. She feels a jolt go up her spine as he holds her thighs wide and without another word, he takes her all in. She wasn't sure if he was doing this for any reason outside of he either wanted to. Or he was trying to make up, either way, it made her hips buck as he slipped his tongue into her wet folds. He presses his thumb against, something that made her cry out. He knew his way around a woman, but this was a far better experience. For him at least. He bites and sucks on a few places that made her legs go numb. She could no longer think straight as he hips roll against him. Thing is, that she didn't know about herself, was she was started to get loud. "Oh Gods!!"

Farkas slowly pokes his head out of his room when he could hear the loud moans coming from his brothers room. He throws his pillow at the door before going upstairs. Last thing he needed was to listen to his brother rutting his new woman. Sara had no idea as her nails dug into Vilkas' shoulders. She could feel something warm pooling inside of her. Her head leans back as she lets out a soft cry, feeling a rush of pleasure leave her body. She had never climax before, at least not like this as he slowly pulls away, licking the inside of her leg. "Better?" She lets out a small groan. "I can't feel my legs.." He chuckles as he slowly moves up, looking down at her. So he was awake. "What...was that..?" He hovers over her, his hips between her still open legs. "You really haven't indulged yourself have you?" She shakes her head at him. "I never really had much of a reason to, even when I did go...into heat I took care of myself and I wasn't that great at it, so it got very frustrating..." Vilkas lets out a small chuckle. "Look I don't get out much, you explain to your partners, oh by the way, you should drink a cure disease potion in case I bite you!" She didn't know why she was getting angry with him, but he slowly calms her as he lets out a low sigh.

He couldn't imagine how hard it had been for her. At his worse, he got rough, to rough, leaving his bed partners with lasting bruises and he would never see them again after that. He didn't have to worry about infecting anyone, because he had taken the blood itself. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't tease you.." She blushes as he slowly grins his hips against her and she lets out a soft yip as she looks up at him. "But you make it hard to hold back...I never..." He pauses, unsure if he should really say anymore. Maybe he should put a end to this, he had no idea what came over him. And yet, Gods why should he? He jolts when he felt her fingers through his hair. So that's what he felt in his dreams as he slowly looking into his eyes. "I felt you in my dreams, you saved me from a darkness I felt I spent for to long hiding from..." She keeps her hands on his head, she had no idea. " know what, I'm glad, okay so I'm new to this, and I don't think I'm....quiet ready serious, at least for now..but when the time comes you feel that all to familiar call of the moon, I'll be here. I may not feel it, but...well at least we won't have to worry about any unsuspecting long as you're okay with that...?" He leans up and kisses her, letting out a low hum as he does. "More then okay Sara, if I have to wait a life time, I shall..."

She lets out a low laugh. "'re poking me again." He gives her a coy smile as he rocks his hips into her. "You're damn right woman~" She giggles as he starts to moves his hands over her skin. "No..stop, no not there!" She lets out a tiny squeak as she kicks at him weakly, trying to get him to stop tickling her. He only stops when he hears a loud hungry growl come from her stomach, a call his own answers back and he laughs. "Guess we worked up an appetite..." She slowly gets up, her legs still feeling a bit shaky. "Think I'll wash myself and get some food, unless you plan to join me.." He shakes his head. "I..need a minute..." " ya, I'll uh...someday, I'm not..I'll let you handle it." She grabs her clothes and heads out her door. Vilkas lets out a pleased sigh and hides his face into his pillow. He never felt lighter then he did right at this moment. He wasn't sure if he could really call this love, but it was something he could hold onto. As for Sara, she gets into her simple clothes and goes up stairs to eat. The only person up was Athis and he raises his glass to her. She joins him for a bit to eat as Tilma cleans the place. "Don't you ever take a day off?" The older woman blinks and smiles. "Oh no dear, I enjoy my work, keeps me busy."

Aela makes her way over, a large smile on her face. Sara blinks at the older woman. "Yes Sister?" She shoos the elf away as she moves closer. " and Vilkas..." Sara lets out a low groan. "It's...nothing, actually I'm not really sure what to call whatever is going on, other then maybe some weird understanding.." She shrugs a bit as Aela lets out a low laugh. "I'm not judging, it's none of my business, there's no rules against it.." Sara leans back as she picks up a bottle of ale. "I wouldn't think so, hell it's not even a rule when in the military, things happen, just keep it behind a closed tent..." She blinks as she sees Skjor walking over. "I got a job for you New Blood. The idiots in Falkreath still think the best place for prisoners is that hole in the ground. No surprise, but one of them's gotten out. Again." She pulls out her map and looks it over until she spots the small town just south of Helgen. "Alright, so..what should I do with the guy once I capture him?" "Just take care of it, once he's dead come back and I'll give you the cut of the reward.." So far she hadn't really taken much gold from anyway. If she really needed to, she knew her ways back home without notice. "Thanks, but I don't need the gold...but I'll take the job." She gets up, so much for taking a day off. Skjor raises his brow as Aela shrugs. "I'll take her pay." He shakes his head at her. "For what woman, you never buy anything."

Sara makes her way back to Vilkas' room, since her stuff was now in his room. She spots the door open as she hears a voice. "So what do you plan to do?" It was Farkas, she moves slowly to the edge of the door. "I'll take this one step at a time brother..." She hears this loud thud, Farkas sat down somewhere. "You really like this one don't you?" She hears another thud, Vilkas had pushed him onto the floor. "Shut your mouth, she's....different.." There was a small pause as she places her hand on her heart. "She's your mate brother, even if if we got our...blood differently, there's still a connection, even I see it.." "Farkas..." "You gonna marry her?" "Farkas!" "Well, I would, go to the temple, get her the amulet..." There was a loud huff. "Farkas, stop, I don't know yet, I don't even know how she feels about....this, Hell I don't even know what I'm doing..." She tries not to laugh and waits a moment before she pokes her head in. "Gentlemen!" They both jump and she laughs at them. "Good news, I got myself a job to do, but I need my armor..Farkas, if you don't mind." The large Nord blinks and hands it over to her. "Here, sorry..." "It's fine brother." Vilkas stands, looking her over. "Where are you going?" "Falkreath...shouldn't be to hard to find I think, besides I gotta learn where all these places are at some point..." She lets out a low sigh as she shakes her head.

Vilkas wasn't really doing anything so he gets up to get his armor on. "I'll still come with, just to make sure you don't somehow end up back home..." Knowing her, she would just keep going south. "Aww you know me so well.." She blinks as she snaps her fingers. "You know what I should have done, mark a room in this place.." The brothers look at one another. "You mean like...?" "No Farkas, not like that, magically..." She could just what it was he was thinking. "It's a spell I know, that allows me to mark certain spots so I can return to them. I haven't used it in awhile..but I'm sure I can remember it..." Her eyes narrow a bit. "Of sallow my pride and go get my spell book...oh Gods, I don't really want to..." She shakes her head at the very idea. "That thing has been with me for fifteen years, it's falling many spells..." She sighs as Vilkas picks up his sword, Farkas still sitting on the floor. "Is there anything you don't know?" "Healing, well, I know, some..nothing great, it's something I should work on if I'm going to be traveling with people..." She blinks as Vilkas steps over his brother. "Whatever you wish to do is fine, but lets take care of this job first.." She smiles and nods. "Right, job first, my insane list later..because I'm just going to add onto it."

She heads out and Vilkas just follows after her. He blinks when Farkas gives him a small tug. They share a smile before he jogs off to catch up to her. She makes a quick stop to to the Skyforge to pick up her new blade. Eorlund had just finished it for her and smiles warmly as he hands it over. "A new blade for you, as sharp as my wife's tongue!" Sara chuckles as she looks the blade over. "Thank you, this is much better then the crap I picked up...think you could make me one more?" He blinks and sees she used two swords. "Oh, my apologies, I'll get to it." She waves her hands. "It's fine, really, but thank you..what does your wife do?" He points to where the market was. "She sells the jewelry I make.." She nods her head, letting out a low. "Ohhh, she's nice, I never wear the stuff though, I always lose it or break it." Never wear lockets as a wolf, they don't survive. "I do have one necklace, I got when they gave me the title of Arch-Mage...question is were did I put it...?" Her eyes narrow a bit. "I own far to much stuff, thank again old friend, I'll be back for my other blade~" She turns and heads back down the stairs as Vilkas just follows after her.