Chapter 7:

(20th of Last Seed)

A long walk up the mountain is just what Vilkas needed right now. The clear air, a few animals to kill, made him feel better. He stayed a few feet ahead as Sara just walked with Lydia. Sara made sure to pay extra for the broken table and Wilhelm was happy to have them return at anytime. Though the look he gave her made her wonder if it would stay friendly. Poor old man was probably lonely out on the middle of nowhere. She blinks as Vilkas kills a large spider and she moves closer. "Hey, that's the same type of spider I ran into in the ruins..." Vilkas kicks it off the ledge. "Frostbite Spiders, they can spit their poison at you, making you go numb, thus the name." Sara nods as she pulls out her bow. "Well, better keep our eyes open then.." They didn't run into much outside a single person camped out by a small shine of some kind. They ignore the man and follow the path up, being careful not to slip on any ice. As they start to pass a narrow cavern Sara spots a large troll, sitting on the ledge that over look the passage. She places her finger over her lip as she takes aim. Sure all she had was a simple hunting bow, but she aims so the troll stumbled off. It rolls and hits the ground hard, no longer moving.

She moves to the side as it rolls down a few feet and she lets out a low growl. "Nasty things, we have them back home, saw one take out a bear once. Only to get attacked by one of those Spriggans....I hate those things so much..." Vilkas says nothing as he moves forward. A part of him just trying to keep his mind on what was ahead. She shrugs a bit as they soon reach the top of the mountain. Well as high as they could go as a large monastery blocked their path. "So this is it..think it's safe to just walk in?" Vilkas shrugs as he pushes the large door open. "I don't think they would lock you out after calling you.." She blushes as she goes in and Lydia just follows, entering the large place. The light was dull, and the stones held a quiet awe to them. Sara moves slowly, standing in the middle of the room as four monks seem to come out. They all wore the same robes, but each had a different face and beard. One walks up to her, his look unreadable. "Welcome, I am Master Arngeir, tell me what brings you here?" She lowers her head to him. "I am answering your summons, master." He seems to smile at this. "Ah, Dragonborn, I'm glad you made it."

Vilkas hangs back with Lydia as they just watch the old monks closely. Only Arngeir spoke to her. "Now, if you would, show us your power." Sara nods and tries to remember what she did before. She takes a deep breath and lets it out. "Fus" It blows him back as well as a fellow next to him. "Wonderful, you show good promise, now, tell me, do you know what it means?" She shakes her head at him. "The Way of the Voice, is the spoken language of the dragons, after all they are the true masters of the Thu'um, Fus, is another word for 'force' and all shouts are formed of three words. Einarth, if you would..." The monk steps forward and with a whisper, speaks a single word in front of her. "Ro." The word forms in front of her, and like before, it seems to sink into her mind before she shakes her vision clear. "Putting the two words together, makes the shout more powerful, Ro, meaning balance, go on and try.." She nods and turns forward. "Fus-Ro!" Sure enough the shout was stronger than before and she ends up knocking over a few vases. "Oh um...sorry..." Arngeir just lets out a warm chuckle. "It's tell me, how did you learn the first word?"

" was on a word wall in Bleak Falls Barrow, but I didn't know what it was. It was like it was calling to me, and that was that." Arngeir leads them outside to a large courtyard. There was a path farther north, but it was blocked by a strange powerful white out. He turns her eyes to a strange gate off to the side. "Master Borri here will teach you a new word.." She blinks as she turns to Arngeir. "They don't say much do they?" He lets out a light chuckle. "I'm afraid not, they are still learning the Way, if the spoke, they would no doubt shatter the very mountain we are, lets continue." Borri speaks a word into the ground, this one was different. "Wuld." Just like before she allows the word to flow through her, and soon finds herself racing a gate before it closed as part of a test. She returns to Arngier's side as he smiles warmly. "You learn quick, it will be an honor to guild you to your path Dragonborn..." She watches her friends move in slowly. "What is my path sir?" He gives her a small shrug. "That we don't know, we can only show you the Way, the rest is up to you.."

She looks down a bit, trying to think everything over. He seems to shake her out of it however. "I have a small test for you, I would like for you to travel to Ustengrav, and retrieve the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller. He was the one that first started our little organization.." "" Arngeir just smiles warmly as he places his hands on her shoulders. "I have faith on you, wind guild you..." She smiles and nods, soon heading off back down with Lydia and Vilkas. "Well that was...interesting.." Lydia was just smiling the whole way down. "Will you go right away?" She gives it some thought. "Think I'll head back to Jorrvaskr, learn a bit more of the area, won't do me any good to keep running into creatures I know nothing about.." She blinks as she catches up with Vilkas. "You wouldn't happen to have anything I could borrow for a bit?" He doesn't seem to hear her. He had seen for himself, that this woman was the real deal. All the stories, the very legend every Nord was raised on. He never thought he would see it for himself, at least not in this life time. "Hey..." She touches him lightly and he jolts from his thoughts. "Mmm, oh yes...sure.." She frowns a bit and sighs, leaving him alone for now.

(21st of Last Seed)

After having a long talk with the innkeeper he allowed Vilkas to spend the night. Of course it was the smallest room he had to offer, but it was a room. They were back on the road early the next morning and were back in Whiterun just shortly before noon this time. Sara allowed Lydia return to Dragonsreach as they head in. She blinks to see Skjor had been waiting. "Good your back, I have a test for you Whelp, to see if you have what it takes to be one of us." She crosses her arms at him. "What is this test?" "Last week a scholar came to us. He said he knew where we could find another fragment of Wuuthrad. He seemed a fool to me, but if he's right, the honor of the Companions demands that we seek it out." She blinks as she tilts her head. "What is Wuuthrad, and sure I'll go get it." Skjor lets out a low huff. "It's was the axe Ysgramor used against the Snow Elves that once lived here. No one knows how it broke but we have been looking for it for many years.." He shakes his head after a minute or so. "This is a simple errand, but the time is right for it to be your Trial. Carry yourself with honor, and you'll become a true Companion."

She nods and bows her head ready to leave but before she could he stops her. "Farkas will be your Shield-Sibling on this venture, whelp. He'll answer any more questions you have. Try not to disappoint. Or to get him killed." She blinks a bit to see the large Nord, ready to get moving. She nods and heads off with Farkas as Vilkas just watches. He turns his gaze to Skjor. "Why my brother?" Skjor gives him a light shrug. "His mind isn't clouded pup, I see that look. Besides I have a different job for you, now get moving!" Vilkas growls but takes the job Skjor had for him and soon stomps off. Maybe Skjor had the right idea, he needed some space to think things over for a bit. Meanwhile Sara follows Farkas as they walk out of town once more. "So where are we going?" Farkas just smiles warmly. "Dustman's Carin, it's an old Nordic burial ground, so, that means Draugr." She rolls her eyes at the sound of it. "Got it big guy, simple, eyes on the prize aye?" He chuckles as he ruffles her hair. "You sound like Skjor." She bats at him as she moves away. "He seems...I'm not really sure, I think once I prove myself he'll open up a bit more." Farkas nods as he leads the way. "That's the spirit!"

It didn't take long at all to make it to the sight. She looks down to see a set of stairs that lead down to the crypt and she spots a door. She blinks and sniffs, looking around. "You smell that, someone's been here." Farkas takes a deep breath and pulls out his sword. "Lets go Sister.." She leads the way and goes through the door. She sees a small camp set in the front room. There were dead Draugr on the floor around them. "Looks like someone's been digging here, and recently. Tread lightly." She nods, pulling out her bow as she leads the, keeping her eyes open. They pass a few more open coffins, loot was scattered all over the place. "Think someone else might be after this axe piece?" Farkas had no idea, but it was possible with all the signs around them. "Be careful around the burial stones. I don't want to haul you back to Jorrvaskr on my back." She aims her bow at a near by Draugr and watches it fall. "You'd like that wouldn't you big guy?" She teases him lightly as she kills another of the staggering undead monsters. She hears a light cough from him. "I don't think Vilkas would like that.."

She raises her brow at him but shrugs. It wasn't long before they came to a dead end and Farkas takes to looking around. The way was blocked by a gate, so their had to be a switch to open it. After a minute or so she turns to Farkas. "So what makes you think Vilkas would be angry?" He shuffles a bit as he looks down. "You were sleeping in his arms, I think he likes you, but I know him, he won't say it." She lets out a small laugh. "Aye and I'm the Queen of Summerset Isles...good one." She heads off as Farkas frowns a bit. He shakes his head however as she finds a small room, and spots the lever for the gate. "Found it!" She flips it and blinks as she hears a loud *clang* and she sees she was now trapped. Farkas chuckles at her as he walks over to the gate. "Now look what you did, hang on I'm sure there's a way to get you out." She crosses her arms and growls at him. However she looks up just as a group of bandits came in, surrounding him. However unlike most bandits, they had silver weapons and the hair on her body stands up. Farkas growls as he keeps his back to her.

"Aww look, we finally cornered one of the dogs!" A male laughs as a woman flanks his right. "And he has a mate, I'm sure that bit*h is already carrying the things pups. How disgusting." Sara growls deeply at that. "Hey!" Farkas says nothing as he lowers his head, already working on unstrapping his armor. "Killing you will make an excellent story." Farkas lets his armor fall to the floor, now only standing in a light tunic and some traveling pants. "To bad none of you will be able to tell it." He lets out a loud howl as he allows his body to make the change. Even before one of the bandits could get close he swings a powerful claw at them and sends the man flying. Sara just watches in awe as he tears through all of them before licking his maw and turning to her. She had never seen someone else change before. She lets out a small giggle. "Nice going, you saved your armor, but not your clothes.." He lets out a huff and heads for the other side. After a minute or so the gate opens and she finds some pants and a shirt that might cover Farkas. Of course she still got an eye full of the large male and covers her eyes. She was going to need a cold bath after this.