I do want to do this rp in a Beauty and the Beast style.I really want to have a Gaston involved as well. The ship's captain is her father.

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A friend of mine is letting me borrow this idea.

Mercedes Purcell was heading towards the docks to watch the ships come in and out. She breathed in the salty air, enjoying it. She couldn't imagine living anywhere else that her hometown of Fairbanks. She didn't see how some people couldn't stand staying here next to the sea. It was almost a part of her dna, her identity as some might say. Her father was a sea captain and perhaps one day she would one as well.

Her father's ship, the Valdemar was supposed to back in today. She went down the trail to reach the docks. She was wearing a simple outfitso it wouldn't be a hassle while on the docks while it was busy. Before reaching the dock's she saw the Valdermar coming in. It was secured to the docks and there were two people that were off the ship. Her father and then there was Lucas McCloud. Someone she had feelings for but didn't didn't know how he felt for her. She made her way on the docks and heading straight to the two, not knowing the danger that lurked beneath the docks.