------Apparently I saved a life this last week. I'll start with that as my opening line because I haven't written in a long time and hopefully that will attract readers. But yeah I saved a life. He and I go way back actually, he was a freshman in high school while I was a senior, and when I left and graduated that place he took over as best guitarist in that school. A title that I once carried. I knew it would be him because I took him as my own pupil. I taught a bunch of people how to play the guitar but few had the tenacity and drive to run through the gauntlet that is the instrument itself. Of course the title "Best Guitarist" itself is quite dumb, as there are millions of us around the planet according to the internet; so that title itself is pure subjective based on many variables such as musical taste. But nonetheless he was one of the few students I had that dedicated themselves on learning the craft and I was proud of him.

------To be honest he reminded me of myself in some ways. In away I thought of him as like a little sibling that I never had. He had it bad though. While I was squaring up with my parents when I was a teenager, his dad left him when he was young though he says he's been reconnecting for the past few months. His mom was his worst enemy. How do I know? He told me of course, I'd let him sleep over at my place at times, and you know those nights where you can't sleep at all so you end up just talking the night away. We had those frequently. He'd tell me his problems, his hopes and dreams of becoming a tattoo artist, he'd tell me about his relationship problems. But his animosity towards his mother was a lot of the source of his problems. Of course I could relate, but in the past five or four years me and my mom had been healing. He tells me he wishes for that to happen to him someday.

------He was given a notice of eviction by his mother. Which surprised him because he payed bills in the house and took care of his four other younger siblings. So he came to my place to crash the night. I'd told him that he's always welcome to spend the night at my place. He had made a deal with one of his friends's parents for him to stay for two months until he finds an apartment. He did that. He found a place in Brooklyn near his job as a manager of a Starbucks. He saved up, On his moving day he lost his wallet, so he was left stuck somewhere because he needed to make a downpayment for his new apartment. This was at night around 1:30am. I get spam of notifications from facebook messenger. He tells me his situation. I get a mutual friend to get an uber for him so that he can crash at my place.

------I help him out next morning trying to replace the things that were in his wallet, such as ID and debit card. He had money in his wallet to make the downpayment but he lost that. So he needed to save up again. So I let him stay for a week so he could re-earn that from a paycheck. Now he's at his new place. He hits me up on messenger again:

"I feel like a burden has been lifted off my shoulder. You really helped me out and saved me and I'm really grateful. I'm debted to you, even my Dad was telling me I'm mad fortunate to have a friend like you"

------I told him I did the best that I could and it was no big deal really. Yeah thats the end of this story. Its pretty anticlimactic and the plot itself wasn't very good. I guess I just wanted to share this because I'm powerless against the world and its negativity. I just wanna help out even if its one person. Thanks for staying up with me.

This is Anikacy,
Signing out