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Shadow's Gunpla Blog
Reviews and photos of my model kits.
My OCs
Name: Karasu
Age: 28
Details: Black hair, average build, brown eyes, glasses.
Personality: Somewhat dry humored but with a heroic heart. A loner.
Pokemon Team: Pidgeot - Blaziken - Empoleon - Xatu - Togekiss - Decidueye
Secondary Pokemon: Staraptor - Talonflame - Pelipper - Honchkrow
Partner Pokemon: Horus, a brave and loyal Pidgeot.
Avi Refs:
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Name: Sasori
Nickname: Bugsly
Age: 16
Appearance: Short, parted black hair with dark green eyes, small frame, and wears a buttoned up t-shirt and pants, always wears his weedle style watch on his wrist. His partner's pokeball is always in his front pocket.
Relationship: His girlfriend is Sakura, a grass trainer.
Favorite color: Green
Personality: Very shy and a bookworm/bug catcher. He usually spends his time catching bug pokemon or reading books about insects or updating his computer on the weekends. Doesn't usually spend much time outside, unless its bug catching, and is a very shy teenager. Glasses are too big, so he usually has to push them up.
Favorite Snack: Bubble Tea
Favorite Pokemon: Yanmega
Dream Pokemon: Genesect
Offical Team: Yanmega,Mothim,Scolipede,Garvantula,Gastradon,Flygon
Avi Refs:
User Image

Name: Kori
Nickname: Sensei,Kori-kun
Age: 30
Appearance: Short blonde hair, with ice blue eyes, usually combed and slicked back,dressed with a buttoned up shirt and tie and dress pants.
Relationship: Teacher and guardian of Shikko. Often hinted that they are in a relationship.
Favorite color: Ice blue
Personality: Calm and very mature. He doesn't converse with many people, and tends to act cold towards people, however, this is only because he has to sent an example for his student, Shikko.
Favorite Snack: Castelliacone
Favorite Pokemon: Articuno
Dream Pokemon: Kyreum
Offical Team: Articuno,Empoleon,Frossglass,Mammothswine,Octillery,Abomasnow.
Avi Refs:
User Image

Name: Jin
Nickname: Musclehead,Honey,Darling (Sachiko's names for him)
Age: 18
Appearance: Slicked back black hair, and dark brown eyes and a few scars on his face from when he got into fights with people throughout his life. He usually wears either a sleeveless t-shirt and jeans, or a white Tee and jeans. He is a rough looking person, but his heart is always in the right place, even if he doesn't look it. His partner's pokeball is always on his right earring. Hes very protective of Sachiko, even if her partner mewtwo buts heads with him.
Relationship: His fiance is Sachiko.
Favorite color: Pink
Personality: Very gruff looking and can come off as mean, but he is far from it. He has had a rough life and because of that, he tends to avoid people when he has to. Very honest and loving to his fiance Sachiko.
Favorite Snack: Cake, anything Sachiko bakes, Macaroons.
Favorite Pokemon: Wigglytuff
Dream Pokemon: None
Offical Team: Wigglytuff,Mawhile,Primerina,Togekiss,Gardevoir,Granbull.
Avi Refs:
User Image

Name: Saru
Nickname: Monkey,Baboon,Hothead
Age: 18
Appearance: Slender with red spikey hair and green eyes. He always has a red bandana on over his hair, and his partner's pokeball is in the center of his bandana. Always usually seen wearing black knee length shorts and a tank top.
Relationship: His girlfriend is Mezuko.
Favorite color: Red
Personality: Very dense and absentminded. He is a hothead that usually would hit first and ask questions later, except for with Mezuko, who he just argues with back and forth. He can show signs of sweetness and caring towards her, but usually just argues with her and seems to think that hes right on issues. This however is the opposite of his partner pokemon, Camelrupt, who is very calm and happy until hes mad, then he turns into a raging bull, or camel.
Favorite Snack: Rage Candy Bar
Favorite Pokemon: Camelrupt
Dream Pokemon: Heatran
Offical Team: Camelrupt,Blaziken,Aggron,Arcanine,Magmortor,Charizard.
Avi Refs:

Name: Lukas
Nickname: N/A
Age: 21
Appearance: Styled silver hair cut short and blue eyes. He usually dresses in nicer clothes, because of his idol/best friend Elizbeth's recommendations. He loves long sleeve shirts and vests most. He is tall and slim, with not much muscletone to him.
Relationship: None, his best friend is the idol Elizabeth
Favorite color: Anything green or tan.
Personality: Very outspoken and blunt. He is gay, but doesn't care what people think of him. he had to learn at an early age to ignore people criticizing him, so he lives his life the way he wants to. He loves going to sweet shops and hanging out with his friend Elizabeth. Also loves listening to music, its a way for him to get away from life when things get to hectic. His partner butterfree is a shiny, and hes had him since he was a little caterpie. hes very close to his bug pokemon, and will do whatever he can to protect them.
Favorite Snack: German truffles
Favorite Pokemon: Butterfree
Dream Pokemon: Volcrona
Offical Team: Butterfree,Beedrill,Beautifly,Dustox,Krickitune,Vivillon.
Avi Refs:

Name: John
Nickname: Johnny
Age: 40
Appearance: Tall and darker skinned with a shaved head and a very serious look, his eyes tell you right away that he means business. He's native american, and is very proud of his traditions. He usually wears t-shirts and pants, and his necklace and jewelry that hes covered in, rings, necklaces, and a piercing on his eyebrow. However, as threatening as he looks, hes very kind, just a serious person.
Relationship: N/A
Favorite color: Purple and Brown
Favorite Snack: Old Gateau
Favorite Pokemon: Decidueye
Dream Pokemon: Kyogre and Groudon
Offical Team: Decidueye,Bouffolant,Ursaring,Xatu,Mudsdale,Volcarona.
Secondary Team: Sharpedo,Lycanroc(All forms)
Avi Refs:

Name: Jack Bryson
Nickname: Grim
Age: 26
Relationship: Stalker/Boyfriend of Sadie
Favorite color: Black and Red
Favorite Snack: Blood and Wine
Favorite Pokemon: Crobat
Dream Pokemon: Lunala
Offical Team: Crobat,Golbat,Gliscor,Swoobat,Noivern,Aerodactyl
Avi Refs:

Name: Akoth Lionfang
Race: Gray Orc
Class: Paladin/Warrior/Weapon master
Details: Average height for a male orc, so very tall compared to humans. Powerfully built with solid muscles. Grayish tan skin. Black hair that's usually worn in tribal braids or pulled into a ponytail. Dark blue eyes, slightly pointed ears and jutting lower tusks.
Personality: Heroic and good natured, he truly has a hero's heart. On the battlefield however he is bloodthirsty and furious, typical of most orcs.
Avi Refs:
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Sci-fi/post apocalyptic

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