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Shadow's Gunpla Blog
Reviews and photos of my model kits.
Contest!! Free RG Zgok!
So....I had ordered some kits for my birthday, and when they got here, I magically got two of the same items! 0.0 Which has never happened to me before. XD I guess I'll go ahead and upload my birthday stuff to show you guys. One of the duplicated kits, I was going to put up in a giveaway, since I've never done one and I've always wanted to. So to clarify, I will be giving away one RG Zgok!

So in order for you to be eligable for the giveaway, I was wanting to know what got you into gunpla, or gundam as a whole, what is your gundam story. Tell me how you felt when you first watched your first gundam series or bought your first gundam model kit. It can be as long as you want and as detailed as you want. Gunpla is something that can bring people together, and I want to know your personal experiences from it. I will be accepting entries until the 7th of July, and will shortly after pick a winner, I'll message you and mail it to you. smile Entries can be submitted to me through PM.

As for my personal experience and gundam and what gunpla means to me. I used to love legos as a kid, and kinects, which for you who don't know what they are, they are basically plastic legos that you could put together and build stuff with. And I've always loved robots and power rangers, I used to love beast wars and tranformers, voltron, and most of the older power ranger series growing up. In late 2000, I was really into dragonballz, which I think most kids my age were XD. They were showing reruns of the garlic junior saga,(since I had missed it), and as I was waiting, Cartoon Network, and all of his glory back then, with toonami and adult swim, started showing G Gundam, I was instantly hooked! They were almost done with the series, but I ended up watching a few episodes before they stopped airing it. sad I loved the idea of mixing robots and martial arts, since I was such a fan of both growing up.

Then about 6 months later, I was watching toonami, and they started airing a little show called Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. wink Just like G Gundam, I was hooked and couldn't get enough of the characters and the mechas. I loved that it was different and more serious, and that the characters all were full of personaility. Sadly, I only saw a few episodes of that series before they stopped airing it. I didn't get to watch any other Gundam series after that and about a year or so later, I was in Wal-Mart with my mom, and I had a little bit of spending money from allowance saved up, and as I went to the toy aisle, I noticed that they had Gundam Model Kits. Anyone who was watching gundam at this time KNOWS about the whole leveling system, and the U.S. attempt to market Gunpla to the west. Basically, all of the kits came in a level system, 1 through 5, and level 1 being like the NG kits, and level 5 being like the really hard master Grades and Perfect Grades. The first kit I ever bought was a 1/144 Rising Gundam, because they didn't have the main one I wanted at the time. sad I didn't know about nippers or nub marks, or anything, so I was using a pair of hair trimmers and cutting out the pieces off of the runners like that. XD It looked really really bad, but to me, it was something that I enjoyed.

The next two kits I had bought were a 1/144 Wing Zero and a 1/144 Deathsycthe Hell, and I really enjoyed building them. It was a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment, because I felt that I was bringing these kits to life and I felt happy because they were being made by me. Sadly, those would be the last kits I bought for 10 years. I didn't know about online ordering, because I never had a computer and when I did, I didn't try to learn how to use it. I wasn't until I met my wife, that I would take more of an interest in it and actually try to learn a few things. smile

So, I got rid of those 3 model kits, and it kinda went to the back of my mind, until 10 years later, I was talking to my wife about things I used to own and things I used to do, and I mentioned model kits and how I built a few and that they stopped carrying them in stores, she then recommended that I buy one again to see if I like it. Soooo I bought a Wing Zero again, and as I built it, I felt a sense of happiness come over me again, that I had missed it so much, and I guess the rest you could say it history, because after that, I bought more and more and more, and as they say, my wallet has never been the same since. XD

Wheew -wipes sweat off- I didn't mean for my story to be as long as it did, just kinda came pouring out. It's something I've wanted to express for a long time now, and I can't wait to hear your stories everyone. It will be a year since I started writing reviews, I can't believe it's been that long. 0.0 The contest starts on the 23rd, and goes all the way til the 7th, after that I will select a winner based on the entrants, so I can't wait to hear what you guys have to say! I hope you enjoyed this entry and I'll see you guys next time! smile Again entries can be submitted to me via PM.
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And I'll be giving away one of these below.
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