Chapter 12: {Warning, contains torture, abuse, and other things, don't like don't read}

(13th of Evening Star)

It was dark, that much was clear, he couldn't move, the shackles keeping his body against a hard wall. He had been stripped of everything, and he found he had been gagged once again. He had no idea how he had been found, but the minute he got out of here, there will be hell to pay. He could hear the sound of boots heading his way as they let in a bright, blinding light. He looks up at a all to familiar face looking at him. The golden skin elf smiles, rather pleased with herself. Elenwen, the Thalmor Ambassador ran her operation with an iron fist. Sure on the outside she was pleasant, but deep down she was rotten to the very core. She had spies all over Skyrim, it took her far to long to locate Ulfric after his 'death'. She knew better though and sent a spy to follow the man to a old house hidden in a snowy area far north of Winterhold. She had already killed Galmar, so she had ever plan to take her time for once.

She's played this game before with him, when he was a younger man. It was just before his father had died, leaving Ulfric as the new Jarl. "Don't worry, you'll have soon as I find her." Ulfric lets out a growl, as the elf moves to show him her new addition to her cell. It was made out of a solid steal, and other material he had never seen before. "Do you know who I plain to put in there?" She purrs at him as she takes out a small dagger and moves closer to him. "I plain to locate the Dragonborn, I think I've heard quite enough of her deeds as of late.." She slowly edges the tip of the blade into Ulfric's naked thigh. He couldn't move, even if he could he would never give her the satisfaction, never again. "Last I heard, she was somewhere in Winterhold, I already have someone keeping an eye on her..." She smiles as she digs the tip of the dagger deeper before moving it down his leg, drawing blood. He jumps a bit, but he doesn't scream, she already knew he wouldn't, but that didn't mean she didn't get a trill out of this.

Torturing Ulfric was like the ultimate high for her. She even found that pleasuring herself after was the longest orgasm she ever had. Using the handle of the dagger she used on him, Gods it made her tingle just thinking about it. She moves the blade into his knee, knowing full well how to pop it out of place. "Oh my little prize, how I missed you, how you got away the first time is still a mystery but you're mine now. And the best part is thanks to the Dragonborn, everyone already thinks your dead, so no one will look for you!!" It was all to perfect for her, she could do whatever she wanted to him now, and no one would ever know. She yanks the dagger out of his leg as she moves up. Ulfric wanted to kick her, but his legs were bolted to the floor. All he could do was watch as she straddles him, still in her Elven armor. She runs her fingers over his chest slowly as he glares at her. "Now now my pet, no need to give me that look..."

She purrs as she grinds against him, her armor digging into his more intimate parts. That got a reaction out of him, his eyes go wide in pain as he tries to shift away from her. It only made it worse however as he could feel blood coming from somewhere on his body. She laughs softly as she watches him, moving her hand down. She was far from gentle with him, keeping her metal gloves on her hands. She normally wore her robes, but the sharp armor was to hard to pass up with what she had in mind. "You were to young to enjoy before, your body was far from what it is now. In a way, I think you owe me, being the man you are now." She takes a hold of his manhood and gives him a hard tug. He lets out a grunt through his gag, but could do little else. "Don't worry, I'll take my time, you'll soon learn to enjoy it. Then, when my spies capture the Dragonborn, I might go easy on you...maybe." Oh she couldn't wait, she had heard so much on this woman. "That foolish General had no idea what I'm even planing." And with the Emperor gone, oh she could only smile more.

"It's all so perfect, with the Emperor gone, you dead, and soon the Dragonborn, the Moot will have no choice to elect me as the High Queen." She tightens her hold on him, making him wince in pain. "I'll make them see things my way, that fool Elisif is to blind to see how things should be. With her out of the way...oh I can't wait, soon Skyrim will belong to the Aldmeri Dominion. Soon we'll make sure no one can worship a worthless God..." She could only laugh as she watches him wither in pain as she digs her glove into him more, moving her hand down ever so slowly. "Gods I can't wait, it's going to be beautiful, and you'll get to see Skyrim burn, right before I kill you for good." She hadn't noticed she had inched her own hand down the slip of her armor. She shivers at her own touch as she slides a finger into herself. She hadn't felt this way in years.

She was still pissed at losing the information she had on the Blades, but she had better plans now. She rocks her hips, Gods she couldn't help herself. She comes over herself, soaking her undergarments as she slowly lets him go. There was a large pool of blood under the man, guess she got a little to rough with him, she tore through his manhood. "Pity, I'll have someone heal you." She moves away from him, allowing one of the others to heal him. At least just enough to get the blood to stop. She licks at her own fingers as she looks at the cell she had made. The Dragonborn was going to wish she never got involved in her little plan. With someone like the Dragonborn out of the picture, no one else would be qualified to rule as high king. She felt giddy just thinking about it. Rulindil should be close now to where the Dragonborn was, it was only a matter of time before Elenwen got to try out her torturers on her.

Meanwhile back at the Collage Sara had slowly woken up, letting out a soft yawn. She looks down to see her husband, right there next to her. She smiles as she watches him, he was sleeping on his chest, snoring rather loudly. The man was just to adorable for words half the time so she slowly gets up and tries on her new robes. Unlike her old outfit this one was a dark navy blue color made out of a fine fur. It even had a hood as it went right past her hips. So she could wear this without pants, at least inside. She takes a look at a near by safe, to find a magical Silver and Moonstone Circlet. She never wore one before as she slowly slips it on. She moves her hair a bit as she makes her way over to the alchemy table. There were two bookshelves of ingredients she had never seen before. She recognized a few plants, but most where new to her. Maybe it was something she should work on, it might come in handy. For now she moves away, thinking on what to do now. Given the space of this place, she might just be able to work a bit of magic to teleport herself to her old room back home.

It was a long shot, but hell she had nothing to really lose. Outside of it backfiring and she'd end up in God's know where. She finds a descent spot to use as she takes out a small piece of charcoal she always carried with her. She sits herself onto the floor as she carefully gets to work. Vilkas moves out his arm, still sound asleep as he soundlessly looked for his wife. He soon opens his eyes to see he was alone and he sits up. He finds his pants and slips them on as he wonders about to find her near the entrance to the room drawing something on the floor. He stays back, watching. He had no idea what she was doing but keeps quiet, not wanting to mess her up. He had never seen her draw before, and the way she went about it, she was so careful. Every move, every symbol she made, was done with purpose. It seems to take awhile before she made a perfect circle on the floor. He had never seen such a design before before she sits back. She gives it one last look over before making her final adjustments. "Oh Gods...I think this is right..." She mumbles to herself.

It had been ages since she has used this spell. She sits there for awhile, making sure it was right before looking up. "Oh hi love.I bet you're wondering why your wife is drawing on the floor." He nods as he sits himself next to her. "Aye.." She rubs the side of her head. "I'm...okay so long story short, it's a teleport, remember how I told you I used to use this spell to go from one place to the other?" He nods, then smiles at her. "You remembered how to use it?" She holds out her hand, waving it side to side. "Kind of...thing's been YEARS since I've done this and there's always a slight change this may work, or I somehow end up in Morrowind like last time.." She gives him a small shrug. "All magic has a downside..." He narrows his eyes at her before taking a hold of her hand. "Why even try it then?" She lets out a low huff. "I want to try and see if I can't connect this place to my tower back home. Yes I have my own tower back home.."

This woman was full of surprises it seems as he lets out a low sigh. "Alright, but do try to be careful..." He really didn't like this, but she was so dead set on trying. "I will." She smiles as she gets up. "How do you like the robes they gave me?" He looks her over as he smirks. But what really got him was the circlet she put on. "You look lovely.." He stands with her as he kisses her cheek. "How long do you think this will take?" She opens her mouth to answer, but deep down she had no idea. "Errr...days...maybe a week..." "A WEEK?!" She jumps a bit as she holds out her hands. "Now now my love, I have to take this slow, if I don't do this right, there's no telling what may happen, just give me a chance...please?" He takes a slow breath, but nods. "Aye.." She places her hand on his cheek and kisses him lightly. "Thank you." She gets some pants on at least before trying her new teleportation circle. "I'll be back as soon as I can, do try to stay out of trouble." She smiles and in a flash of magic, she was gone.