The thoughts of the competition this week melt away as I gaze into his eyes. I can feel heat creep up into my face. Embarrassed, I quickly avert my gaze to the ground.

He holds one hand steady at my waist, and offers the other to me. Reluctantly, I take it, biting back the bitter comment which I would often blurt. He guides me across the dance floor sweetly, our steps perfectly in sync. I force myself to glance up at him again. He smiles politely, and I can feel myself flush pink.

He leans in, his lips brushing my ear. "If we can get close enough to the others, we might be able to snag the card. I'm pretty sure that [ML] is holding it," he whispers, pulling me closer to him.

My focus snaps back to the mission. "Okay, let's go," I say with a nod.