Mostly, I try to write high fantasy or Dungeons and Dragons adventures.


Sometimes, though, you just gotta write some cheesy and shamelessly self indulgent fluff. For this purpose, I have three characters to steal the spotlight:

Autumn Lewis

Jessica Harcourt

Samantha Edwards

Autumn being the Shameless Author Insert.

They're three college girls and Sam and Autumn have been dating for years. They grew up as neighbours and know each other better than Samantha does her own siblings (she has two younger "sisters" -- technically cousins, she was raised by her aunt and uncle from at least age three). Sam's an art major, but Autumn couldn't bring herself to do the same (even though they're equally passionate artists).

Jesse's a mountain girl by breeding and by accent and probably hasn't spoken to her parents since she dyed her hair blue just before her sophomore year of college. She's dyed it regularly since and has also only kept contact with her more open-minded grandparents (who are helping her pay the bills). The hair colour is almost certainly related to her decision to come out as gay to her family.

Jesse met Autumn in Calculus and Sam in one of those university mandated courses. She didn't know they were a couple, of course, but became friends with Autumn and nursed a crush on Sam for at least a month before Sam suggested that her relationship with Autumn might have room for one more.

Mostly it's an excuse for me to write about mutually supportive relationships, friendships, platonic and not-so-platonic love, and the stupid situations college students can find themselves in when a sound decision goes horribly wrong -- cooking disasters, the perils of dating your best friends, apartment sharing, and dealing with questionable decisions in equally questionable weather. It's also how I deal with my own largely romance-and-IRL-friend-free existence as a demisexual loner who, alas, does not still have a Sam Edwards in my life. Sam is loosely based on three or four of my dearest childhood friends, none of which I still know how to contact and none of which would want me to know.