Gale - Fire. He's kinda used as a welding tool by most of the boys as they're building their robot. Or for s'mores.
Keplar - Plant growth/acceleration, he's more CC when it comes to battles. Also is the strategist for RBLS.
Ramon - Super strength (of course, because he brags). He kinda lacks in other skills since he's so focused on training his brute strength.
Alan - Polarity, he's basically a human magnet. He can only attract/repel magnetic object through inducing magnetic fields out of nothing.
[JK] - Manipulates waves, so anything from like a powerful/destructive gamma ray to being a human flashlight (visible light) to microwaving the other boys' food.
//new addition, whelp haven't named him

Heike - Electricity, is basically a human circuit in which she can generate shocks of electricity through inducing current (somehow). Can both absorb and expel electric shocks.
[SK] - Illusion. Prefers to guide her skill using a painbrush. Can temporarily create tangible, 3D illusions. Uses it for pranks, mostly.
//forgot her story name
Alice - Ice, mostly flirts with other opponents as a distraction. Is long-range and also CC.
Rita - Telekinesis. Can create powerful, invisible almost "mimed" blasts using her skill. But also drains the energy of the boys to power herself.