Chapter 11:

Clearing out Fort Greenwall was an easy task by now. Sara was slowly getting used to fighting alongside her fellow Imperial brothers and sisters without mistaking them for the enemy. Which she had done a few times by mistake, but luckily enough no one ever seemed to notice during the heat of battle. She moves slowly, keeping her new bow out. She had found herself a rather nice Elven Bow to replace her old hunting bow. She keeps an arrow notched as she moves along the wall slowly. Most of the Stormcloaks that had set up base here had bailed, but she wanted to make sure none were left behind. Vilkas had went the other way to make sure the other side of the fort was clear. Sara turns just in time to catch Hadvar following her. She sighs deeply as she pinches the bridge of her nose. She needed to put a stop to this and quick.

"Any reason you're following me?" He hardly seemed bothered by her tone as he gives her a small shrug. "It's not everyday someone rises through the ranks as quickly as you have Praefect." She narrows her eyes at him. "It means little, I'm here to do a if you don't mind please stop following me.." She blinks as he steps in front of her and she gives him a rather dangerous look. "Hadvar, listen, I don't know what your thinking, but quit it, before my husband kills you.." Again the man didn't seemed bothered by her words. "He doesn't need to know, a lovely lass like yourself.." He takes a step closer as if to try and touch her. He gets a knee to the stomach and he hits the floor hard. "Try that again, and I'll aim lower..." She just steps over him and heads back to the main courtyard. Vilkas was waiting for her as he gives her a warm smile.

"Everything alright my love?" She nods at him as she takes his arm. "Aye, lets get out of here shall we?" He acts as her knight in shining armor as he leads her out of the fort, making her giggle softly. Once they were back on the road she tilts her head at him. "I'm kind of curious as anyone tried to hit on you since we've been married?" Granted since that day he hadn't gone far from her side. "If any women have, I tend to ignore them, like I normally do." She could only imagine the type of women who used to throw themselves at him before he gave up thanks to his Beastblood. He turns his gaze to her. "Why has someone been giving you problems?" She lets out a sigh. "Hadvar...I think it's the heat of the battle but he honestly thought I would cheat on you. I kneed him in the stomach."

He found it hard not to laugh at that as he shakes his head. "Good, maybe that will learn him a thing or two.." She nods as she walks with him. "I never really understood how people could do that to the people they love..." He thins his lips as he pulls her closer to him. "Some people aren't strong enough to ignore the temptation. The most used excuse I heard was they fell out of love with their spouses." She just shakes her head at the idea. "Aye I get it, but at least be honest and at least talk to them...better they know then catch you in bed..." Vilkas could feel his grip tighten. It would kill him if he found her with another man, but he knew deep down she would never betray him like that. She turns her eyes back to him. "I've been wondering...when did you know you loved me?"

His eyes shine brightly at that as he pulls her into his arms and kisses her deeply. "When you ran into me, that one day, when you called me an icebrain.." She blinks up at him as she wraps her arms around his neck. "Really?" He nods as he leans his head against hers. "I knew then...I couldn't imagine my life without you, but I was stubborn and ignored how I felt until that night we roamed free. I saw you as the beautiful spirit you were, and...well..." He gives her rear a playful squeeze as she lets out a yelp. "Hey...I'm going to start carrying ice water to dump on you if you keep that up." She didn't really mean that as he sits her back onto the road. "Trust me Sara, my feelings for you will never change, and if I catch that flea try and hit on you again, he'll answer to my blade." "Now now, there's no need for that, unless he tries to touch me, them by all means." She giggles again as he does just that and lefts her into his arms.

She doesn't fight him as he just carries her into the camp. Rikke blinks at the couple as Sara tries to escape but Vilkas wasn't having it as the woman shakes her head. "Welcome back, I'm promoting you to Tribune, I need you to go to Fort Kastav right away to help rescue some of our men that have been taken prisoner...." Vilkas lets her go after that as Sara salutes the woman. "Yes ma'am, where is this fort you need me to go to?" Rikke walks over to the map she hand and points to a fort northeast of Windhelm. "Good, I can pay a visit to the Collage once we help those prisoners...get rid of some stuff." She really needed to learn to stop hoarding her stuff and just sell half the crap she often picked up. With that they would head back north as it started to snow once again. It was a light snow and she closes her eyes slightly as she walks.

Even now there was always something relaxing about the snow fall. Vilkas just made sure she didn't wonder off as she enjoyed herself. After a minute or so she turns to him, her mind going back to what they had been talking about earlier. "Alright, lets just say I was with someone else when we first met, would you have still gone after me?" His look becomes unreadable, but he soon nods. "Aye I think I would have done everything in my power to convince you to be with me instead." That surprised her a bit. "Alas, my poor invisible love, I hope you're happy you broke his little heart." He just stops in his tracks as he starts laughing. He didn't know what it was about her humor, but it always got him. "Well that's to damn bad, you're mine now!"

She giggles as she skips away from him and he soon chases after her. As they started to get a bit closer to Windhelm she stops as they made sure to keep away from the large walled city as they headed right for the fort. She looks down a bit as she places her arms behind her. She knew deep down she would never go behind his back and sleep with another man. The thought alone made her sick to her stomach. "Aw well, guess when things calm and we can settle into a simple life, we can adopt a little lad for ourselves, then I'd have two men in my life that means the world to me." He looks up at that as he steps closer to her. "It warms my heart love to hear that you'd want to open our home to a child that needs one."

"Of course, I think we both know how it feels to grow up without parents. While I know now I'll...never be able to have one of our own that doesn't stop us from adopting one..or two children of our own." He smirks at that as he pulls her to the side. "Just how many children do you plan to take in my love?" She just bats her eyes at him. "As many as you're willing to let me have before they drive you up the wall. Papa papa lets go fishing!!" She giggles as he playfully hugs her close before letting her go once more. "I think Farkas would love to be an uncle, I mean the guy took in Lucia after all, he's such a huge softy." She looks up as she spots the other soldiers waiting for them. She takes his hand before walking over. "Once I know this war is over with...we'll have the family we deserve." He smiles at that and nods, looking forward to it.

She lets him go and frowns when she sees Hadvar. She was slowly starting to dread seeing this man, but he was here to fight just like everyone else. She ignores him as she pulls out her bow, getting herself ready to take out any Stormcloak archers. She nods to the others as they rush the fort and start to attack. She moves quickly taking out anyone far away with her bow. When she got closer to the real fight she pulls out her blades and starts to slice her way through. Vilkas just heads the other way, using his great sword to swing at any Stormcloaks that got a bit to close for his liking. He moves slowly as he spots Hadvar slowly following after him. He lets out a small grunt as he turns to him. "You listen here little man, I hear about you making a pass at my wife again, and I'll make sure not even the Gods themselves find you."

Hadvar seems to try and play innocent as he lowers his short sword. "What makes you think I'm the one starting things. She's the one that bats her eyes at me every time our paths cross." Vilkas body slams the worm into a near by wall and knocks the wind out of the guy. "Don't you dare try that...I know my love, you bother her again and I'll deal with you myself, are we clear?" Hadvar had no choice but to nod as Vilkas lets him go. After that he turns and storms off to go fight anyone that crossed him. He still had problems with his anger, but he did notice it was no where as bad as it used to be. Once he sees the last of the Stormcloaks flea, he takes a slow breath. He really hoped once this was over they could try for a more peaceful life then this.