Chapter 9: {So I almost forgot about the Thalmor. It's hard to remember them since you only really deal with them once in the game to steal information, and that's it. I skipped the whole party thing because it just bugs me, no matter who you choose to fight for, Stormcloak/Imperial, nothing's done about them. These elves have been killing/torturing people because they worship Talos. Again it's one of those things I think Bethesda forgot about. Honestly. >-> I'll also will be just focusing on taking over forts, because I enjoy that.}

Sara had fallen asleep the minute her head hit the pillow. The General told them to get some rest before they ran off to another mission. Her and Vilkas rented a room at the Winking Skeever once again and she was out like a light. Vilkas could hardly blame her as he too just falls fast asleep. Her sleep doesn't last long as she wakes up, to find herself back in Helgen, facing the chopping block. She feels her body behind forced down as she glares at the executioner. Only this time, the man holding the axe was her husband, Vilkas. She blinks as she feels someone hold her down. The same voice as before echos in her mind when he speaks. "You should have died with the rest of them." She wanted nothing more than to shift and run, but her body refused. She was cured, she no longer had the Beastblood as he lifts the axe. "No one hides from the Void." She jumps awake the minute she saw the axe being lowered and she flails, falling out of bed.

Vilkas blinks as he looks up, it was pitch black in their room, so it was still early in the morning. He lights a single candle on the bed side table as he looks down. "You alright my love, what happened?" She slowly gets up, rubbing the side of her head. "Dream changed, same voice telling me I should be dead. Only this time you were the one holding the axe..." She never really went into detail of the brief time she was in Helgen. Just that she was almost beheaded for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He gets up as he pulls her into his arms. "Why would you see me?" She wasn't sure as she slowly sits herself back onto the bed. "Not sure, maybe somethings trying to mess with my mind..." She runs her fingers through her long hair. "I always had nightmares...ever since seeing Hell, but this is new.."

He frowns a bit as he lays her back, looking into her eyes. "Is there anything I can do to help?" She smiles as she runs her fingers over the scruff on his cheek. "Nay I'll be fine...just wish I knew why I was having these dreams in the first place." He kisses her lightly before blowing out the candle once more. He was more than happy to hold her close to him until she managed to fall asleep again. The next day she was a bit tired, but she got a nice wake up call from her husband when he brought her breakfast in bed. Gods bless this man. After eating they head back to the castle as Tullius gave her a new title of Quaestor before giving her new orders to head for the Imperial Camp hidden in the Pale. He shows her on her map where it was and they soon both head out.

She remains quiet as Vilkas leads the way. By now she was used to following him since she didn't trust herself to not get hopelessly lost. "To think I wouldn't be here now if I hadn't gotten lost..." Vilkas chuckles at that as he holds her hand. "I still feel bad you almost got beheaded, just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time." Sara gives him a small shrug. "Not the first time I faced death, though I guess I owe Alduin for flying in when he did, kind of odd when you think about it.." "Maybe, maybe the Gods where just looking out for you." Sara leans her head in as he kisses the top of her forehead. "Aye...though I don't find the humor in almost losing my head however..." Vilkas could only chuckle more as she gives him a playful shove. "Still...this voice I keep sounds familiar and yet I can't place where I've heard it..."

Vilkas sighs deeply, it hurt him to see how these dreams seemed to be effecting her. "I wouldn't let it bother you love...dream or no dream you've proved you deserve to live your life." Sara smiles at that as they finally seem to reach the camp. Legate Rikke was looking over a map. When Sara walked in the older woman looks up from her map. "You made it, good, I need you to join the others in retaking Fort Dunsted, it's just south of Dawnstar. Well are you up for this soldier?" Sara nods as she gives the woman a salute. "Yes ma'am." She turns and blinks, looking at the map. "Where am I going?" Rikke sighs as she points out where the fort was. Vilkas just takes a hold of her shoulders. "She had no sense of detection." She knits her brows as she frowns at him. "Hey....shut up.." He rolls his eyes as he leads the way once again.

She crosses her arms, turns out the fort was just north of Tower Mzark stood. She tilts her head a bit as she sighs. "I wish I still had me mark and recall spell, it would save a lot of time...though I never could get people to follow." Vilkas tilts his head at that. "Never heard of those spells." Her eyes light up a bit as she talks. She always got excited about her magic. "Oh it's very useful, if you wish to return to a certain spot, you place a magical marker on the spot and when you wish to return to said spot, you just used the recall spell." It was by far one of the most useful spells she had picked up. "Sadly I don't really remember how to use it and it just happens to be in my old spell book back home...collecting dust." Even if she could use it, it was mostly just for one person anyways, but she would figure something out. Vilkas just stays at her side as he pushes through the thick snow around them.

She on the other hand seemed to be having an easier time with this since she wasn't in heavy armor like he was. They go quiet as they make it to the meeting point where everyone was waiting. Of course Hadvar was there and smiles when he sees her. "You made it, though we're still greatly outnumbered..." Sara just smiles, she had been dying to try the Flame Clock spell she picked up. "We won't be for long.." She steps away from everyone when she casts the spell and Vilkas could only watch as a bright wall of fire surrounds her. She didn't seem bothered by the flames as she pulls out her swords. She really was a battle-mage as she runs into the fort, taking out the barricades that blocked the gates. The soldiers behind her soon join in the fight and soon Vilkas joins in as well after shaking off how surprised he was.

It was like watching a moving fireball of death take out the hoard of Stormcloaks that came out to defend their base. They never saw her coming as she slashed her way through the mob. Even Hadvar couldn't keep his eyes off her as Vilkas narrows his eyes at the man. He never liked how the Nord looked at his wife. She rushes up to the top of the fort to take out the archers perched up there. She uses her Unrelenting Force shout to blow a good chunk of them off to the ground bellow. The other Stormcloaks see this as let let out low gasp. "Dragonborn!!" Half ran away right then and there, they were not about to deal with a force like that as Sara jumps down to the main courtyard. The place had been cleared in minutes as her spell cuts out and the cold air hits her, it felt nice.

She turns her head as Hadvar walks up to her, with stars in his eyes. She lets out a low groan. "Oh no, this might be a problem..." She remains neutral as he stands at her side. "That was impressive, never seen anyone fight like that before..." She shrugs as she looks the other way. "Just replace the Stormcloak soldiers with a hoard of undead and it's Hell all over learn." She knew this look all to well, he admired her and she could only imagine how well her husband was going to handle this. Speaking of which she look around as he joins her once again. He had made sure the last of the Stormcloaks hadn't gotten away. "Well that's the last of those cowards.." Vilkas frowns at Hadvar as he holds his wife close. "Come love." She rolls her eyes a bit as they head back to the camp. However seeing as they were close to Dawnstar she decides to head there first.

Now that the Legion had control of the area Brina was now in charge of Dawnstar. Sara found she rather liked the woman as they talked. Turns out the people of Dawnstar were all dealing with nightmares and Sara raises her brow. "Nightmares?" Jarl Brina nods as she rubs her tired eyes. "We have a Priest of Mara looking into it, but I think he might need help." Sara nods as she turns to Vilkas, she wanted to look into this as he nods at her. "We'll help this priest..." Brina beams at this as she sits up. "Oh thank you, solve this problem and I'll name you my Thane.." Sara shuffles but nods, not wanting to argue with the woman. "Where's this priest?" Brina stands and heads outside. "You can find him at the inn, good luck to both of you." Sara nods as she heads for the inn, something about this sounded oddly familiar.