The intro has nothing to do with Alice at all. Rather, it sets up the backstories of the rest of the characters. It's unlikely that I'll actually incorporate this in the novel other than writing it for fun, since it doesn't really help the plot.

We open with Isaac, running through the night behind Chloe and Dean, the location that they are headed unknown to him. All he knows is that, last-minute, the third student paired with Dean and Chloe on their co-op had been unable to complete this mission, and the pair recruited him to fill in. The goal is to identify a data leak, which may be due to some students at ACE.

They basically arrive at a club, and Dean and Chloe change into garden-tool clothing and go and party. Chloe seems to be comfy with the DJs. Dean kinda throws this pair of recording/face recognition glasses at Isaac and leaves with a group of people. Unfamiliar to this environment, Isaac doesn't really know what to do.

People party. Shots of the Twins, [K] and [S] appear.


Isaac (Newton)
Andre? (Ampere)

Gale (Short for Galileo)

Rita (Levi-Montalcini)
Katharine (Blodgett)
Heike (Onnes)
Sophie (Germain)