Post second viewing 180510 8pm.

First viewing impression extremely strong, positive, totally engaged, wanted to and was probably loving it. A win for the gays, for cinema. Want to view again for every reason including finding some qualms, there must be some

Some qualms: Everyone is kind of terrible; Hideko....; the narrations, qualms.

For whom were the narrations? I suspect just the audience...well, but it could be another, right? even if not even actually, canonically, it COULD and that could lends itself to better integrity of writing than just being for the movie audience. The narration, most particularly Sookee calling Hideko a b***h, is quite contrived, no? I think some of Hideko's were contrived too but now i've forgotten hey.

Hideko...i want a sequel for her in which she speaks in sentences that are not quotes. will examine this sharply to be sure but she does seem to be of questionable character, of her own? is this too harsh. we'll think on it more!

Of course, Sookee and the 'Count' are crooks, it's illegal to be naive, they have better lives to live... But what is Sookee starting(?) to promise Hideko she'll never betray her and then.. and then again.. or i'm again not remembering right. woh this movie or i'm dumb.
had some real strong feelings about the count and what were those.
Hideko's upbringing perhaps like Sookee and the Count's in how she may qualify scamming others and putting them in madhouses, an innocent handmaid. So that's on the mean point, then on the odd and questionable point... she falls for Sookee very quickly? is this just romance? i need. to see it again. okay.