Now we jump back into the Colours universe, this time sending our lovely 6 protagonists to... an Asian night market!!

Roux and Cian, who have never had bubble tea before, stare suspiciously at the drinks offered to them by Weiss and Midori. The group explores the various tents filled with overpriced, buyable things. And the food. The good food everywhere.

Cian forcefully (or not, Midori doesn't weigh much) drags Midori away from a stall filled with anime junk. "You already have too much!" Cian complains.

K-pop plays from the main stage before the show. Having watched every dance video from this girl group, like, ever, Lila dances in perfect sync to the music next to the table that the group is sitting at. Weiss gets up and joins her, though she really, really can't dance.

Noire sips bubble tea and sighs dramatically.

Bubble teas
Roux => something with strawberry slush and pearls, so it's red
Lila => passion fruit green tea & coconut jelly
Weiss => Lemon QQ Juice
Cian => Matcha milk tea w/ grass jelly
Midori => ?? I don't think there are any natural blue teas LOL. Probably ordered some artificial, blue raspberry slush BS.
Noire => Taro milk tea w/ pearls