The fog parts, showing a large pirate ship, fighting against the rough waters of the sea. Various shots of the other pirates, Alan at the captain's wheel, [KR] and Gale analyzing a large map on the deck, [RB] adjusting the flags with a strong pull, etc.

The piccolo/flute plays and Alice, perched in the crow's nest with a pair of binoculars, notices the land slowly growing larger in the horizon.

The music grows upbeat as Helena and [SK] toss the anchor overboard. The pirates land on the sandy ground, demonstrated with the casual shot of a pair of boots. Some sand flies. They adventure inland, shocked by the complexity of the technologies in this island.

A lone boat wails a sad foghorn in the distance.

{slow music} Alice reminisces briefly of the adventures they've had, and realizes that because of their occupation, they have no home, but rather home is when they are together.

The music changes to upbeat again. The pirates leave the island (ECE) and prep to sail to their actual destination (MIE island, I guess?) .