Unproductive in terms of work and such, I basically brainstormed ideas for the MSE study through the day and added them (just now) to the google doc, I'm gonna actually have to work really hard on the weekend looking up articles pertaining to what I wanna do, so ... well, I can get a better idea of what I wanna do.

So adventures with... I think I'll go with Helena (LOL). We walked all the way to a cheap bbt place and so I got passion fruit green tea for $3 (it was on sale). and then we went next door and i bought her HK bubble waffles, because those are wonderful, and I ate mine as we walked home. THEN it started raining, like quite a bit, so we ran into walmart to use the washroom and avoid the rain.

Then we left walmart, because the rain had ceased, BUT THEN THE RAINSTORM CAME BACK... REALLY REALLY STRONG. Her umbrella wasn't much help since it was super windy... and both of us basically had soaked pants by the time we ran halfway home, to Tim Hortons

The rain ceased for a bit after that, so we went to a supermarket and walked around, looking at the cheap produce and I brainstormed ideas for food for next week.. we were still soaking wet so it was not fun.

Ye, then we got driven home.

OH and the wind was so strong, the power went out for awhile, so I had to shower in the dark with a lantern.

There was sushi for dinner though, which was L I T

and then I watched some Marvel show with Helena since she loves Marvel, and now I'm gonna Skype Gale. ( LOL THESE NAMES I CANT)