When dirt is lifted from the home it should be thrown away from the home to bring good luck. If it is thrown at the home it is bad luck.

If you get hit by a broom you will get in trouble with the law unless you spit on the broom. Hitting someone with a broom will also make them lazy.

Stepping over a broom on the floor is bad luck but tripping over the handle is good luck.

Handing a person a broom through a window is bad luck.

If a broom falls in front of a door there will be disaster to the person who steps through that door.

It is bad luck to lean a broom against a bed.

Dropping a broom while you sweep means you will get new carpet.

If you sweep under a person's feet they will not get rich, have bad luck, and never marry.

Sweeping dirt out of the house the first part of the week will bring bad luck the rest of the week.

Moving furniture in your sitting room each month brings good luck.

Shake your pillows well and you will shake off trouble. And clean your beds on St. Patrick's Day to make sure you have no bugs.

If you forget a sheet when making a bed you will soon hear wedding bells.

Cleaning at night is bad luck.