Is anybody there?

Fade from black.

Short of MC riding in the back of an Endless transport van, driving over bumpy roads. It's raining outside and she's sitting by one of the darkened windows, like in any MV. She looks pretty sad, since the future is unknown and all that.

The lights flicker in the empty hallways of ARC, IG holds a broom and looks around, as if suspicious of the flickering lights.

GL/KR and RB pose coolly on top of a building at night or something, the moon and stars shine behind them. They like, high-five and whatever.

IG stares at a mirror in ARC, or something that's super deep.

Cut to various shots:
-SK's mural of purple and black stars in space
-SR dances in the underground club
-HF rips open the backing of a metal box, and then untangles piles of circuitry, sweeping her hair back with one of her hands