Chapter 12:

Gallows Rock was an old fort that had seen better days. It was a touch north-east of Whiterun and Skjor had went ahead of them to make sure the way would be clear. Deep down, Sara didn't like this, these people were dangerous. Though maybe with small numbers they could slip in without any issues. When they reached the fort a few Silver-Hand guards where dead and the door to the fort was wide open. Aela pulls out her bow, letting out a soft curse. Skjor must had lost his temper and ran in blindly. Sara just pulls out her sword as she leads the way. She almost turned away when she entered the place.

Just in the first room alone, the floor was covered in dried blood. There was a door, blocked by a wall of spikes and on each side of the door was a pike, with a werewolves head on it. She tries to suppress a whimper as she pulls the chain on the wall to lower the spikes. "Damn Silver Hands, must had tried to block the way when Skjor ran in. You can smell their fear, be on guard." Sara nods at the woman as they move in slowly. The place was like a nightmare. If there weren't dead wolves all over the place, there were some in cages, pacing the small space. Sara felt bad, these used to be people, but the torturer they no doubt endured reduced them to nothing more than mindless beast.

They could do nothing for these poor souls, outside of putting them out of their misery. The place was also crawling with Silver-Hand mercenaries. Since they were both good at the bow they made sure to pick them off without their notice. It was a slow pace as they seem to make their way deeper into the place. "Careful, I think we're nearing the center of this place. Their leader Krev the Skinner might be waiting. I shouldn't have to tell you how he got his name.." Sara turns to Aela and shivers. "I do hope Skjor is okay, I haven't seen him..." No doubt he was ahead in the last room, no doubt being tortured at this very moment.

Sara opened the door slowly to see a large male sitting at a tanning rack. He moves his dagger over the large piece of fur and Sara again shuddered. She knew people had a hate for their kind, but she's never seen anything this deep before. She pulls out her bow and takes aim, getting the sick b*****d in the back of his head. Wasn't long before a large, heavily armed Orc came rushing at them with a large war-hammer. Sara was quick to swap out her sword and block the swing, though it did make her arm go numb for a second. The large Orc turns and swings at her again, this time Sara moves her shield arm out and get in a hit with her sword.

The Orc moves in as a stray arrow hits his shoulder. Sara used this gap to get into the heavy armor and thrust her sword in deep. The Orc soon stops breathing, and hits the floor with a thud. She moves slowly, only to see Skjor on the floor, dead. Aela moves slowly as she looks down. The look of hurt was clear on her face. "Damn, he was the strongest out of all of us, but even numbers can overwhelm, he should have waited..." Sara keeps her gaze down, the room was covered like all the others of blood and bodies of fallen werewolves. "They need to be stopped." Aela nods as she put her bow away.

"We'll take the battle to them, and kill their real leader, that should put a end to this." Sara nods, but had no idea where to even start. "Any idea where they might be hiding?" Aela gives it some thought, she had a few ideas where the monster might be hold up in. "They have another base, hidden in a place called Broken Helm Hollow, south-east of Riften..they hide among bandits so no one will notice them, but it'll be their undoing.." Sara nods as she finds the way out. Aela was going to stay put for awhile, to figure out how to get Skjor's body out of this hole. As for Sara she heads back to Jorrvaskr to tell them the news of Skjor's fall to the 'bandits'.

Everyone was shocked when she told them. They had to know, after all he was a part of their 'family' and they had the right to know. It would be awhile before Aela could find the strength to do so. The others soon seem to join is a quiet prayer to honor their fallen friend in the line of battle. She didn't get the chance to really get the know they guy, but by the looks of it, he was greatly respected. For now it was late, she made her way to the Skyforge that sat behind Jorrvaskr. The blacksmith Eorlund had left for the night so she removes her armor and started to make repairs to the poor thing. She had on a simple plan cotton shirt and some traveling pants. Though as she works, she sits back and looks up at the night sky.

"You smell of blood and silver..." She blinks as she turns to see Vilkas, armed to the teeth. The man had put on his wolf armor and grabbed his two handed sword. He saw her head out and followed her up here. She lets out a low sigh and nods. "The Silver Hand killed him, he ran ahead, after he saw what...they were doing..." She takes a rather shaky breath. "They don't just kill werewolves...they torturer them, they remove what little humanity those poor souls have and rip it away from them..we...put them down..Gods I've never had to kill someone that shared the Beastblood before..."

Vilkas slowly sits himself next to her, crossing his legs as he does. "They do it to prove a point, that we are nothing more than mindless animals that need to put down. They feel they are justified in doing so." Sara looks up at him, she was trying her best not to cry. "It seems so unfair, not everyone as a choice, even if they do what right do they have to..." She stops as she shakes her head and she blinks as Vilkas moves a bit closer. "I know, Kodlak doesn't want anyone to do anything rash.." So that's why he was out here, to make sure she wasn't going to do anything crazy. No doubt Aela wouldn't want the others to know, but she saw no reason to hide it.

"Oh don't worry, I wasn't going to do anything to crazy, but Aela thinks their main leader might be hiding in Broken Helm Hollow..if he somehow disappears however.." She wiggles her fingers as Vilkas just looks at her. "You have a death wish?" She gives him a helpless shrug. "Maybe, but it's never stopped me before, of course if a certain person were to magically decide to tag along, I can't really stop said person." Vilkas lets out a deep chuckle, sure he did plan to follow her weather she liked it or not, but it seemed she was already onto him. "I think it's about time we brought the fight to them." She smiles at this and gives him a slow nod.