Macaiah: the Biggest Mary Sue in Fire Emblem (minus Robim & Kris):

There are some points that I've been wanting to address about her that some people don't about her.

People who say is more Mary Sueish than her (discluding Kris & Robin):
Lyn: Lyn 'unnecessarily' judged Hector's fighting ability, which Eliwood scolds her for it. She had to watch her whole clan die, while being unable to do a thing about it. Focus is taken off her around ch 8-10. She doesn't even get a special weapon to help out in fighting the final boss like Hector & Eliwood.

Erika: She is unable to save her father & is forced to flee. Has to fight when she doesn't see a point in it. Has to kill a dear friend, even though she wishes not to.

Erphriam: All throughout the game, says how he fails his studies.

Ike: In FF10, he is extremely Marty Stu. Look at 9 though, he gets picked on Byod a lot, instantly lost Shinnon & Gatrie when he became the leader of Greil Mercenaries, gets called stupid a lot apparently (Nashir's comment), made a rash decision to save Mist & Rolf (if it weren't for Shinnon/Titania, they would've died for that decision), made a stupid decision getting off the boat into dragons territory almost getting himself & everyone on board killed, had to deal with the Beinon nobles with a grin who treated him & Elinca as a joke...

Micaiah is often described by her silver hair, being the 'silver haired maiden.' She has special rare powers that none of the other branded in game have. One is healing without a staff. It was said none in the world except her have that. No villager questions these powers, but loves her for it. The other is her future vision, which always alerts her from trouble, & plot convents takes & returns to her willy nilly. She is chosen by the goddess Yune to save the world, & is part of the reason Asura is defeated. Has a random bird friend that she can talk to. Is the missing princess of Benion, & 'just knew' the galdr of release. Became the queen of Diean, dispite no royal (to Diean) heritage, Only makes immoral decisions due to bs plot conviant 'blood pact' (which wasn't directly her fault for being placed in that situation) with nothing more than a jump scare thanks to Tabarn, has a brooding guy she likes loves her, while hes aloof around everyone else, always does everything she wants no matter how he feels about it, is always fine as the guy she likes easily saves her when in danger or kidnapped, or is helped by the Black Knight for some reason, her jealousy with Sothe never gets her unliked or in trouble. Is able to work tactical miracles with a small group & take down large armies.

Jill could leave her, but is reluctant to do so, because of her 'close friends'. There where close friends on the other side as well, she just chooses to side with Maichah even though she's known them less unless someone talks to her. Illyana leaves because she is with the merchant group. The merchant group left because their quest to save Deian was done, & there was nothing more the merchant group can gain by staying there. Zihark & Jill could stay, even if they don;t agree with what Miciah is doing. In fact, Zihark should've just left before the fight. Why would he ever kill laguz for seemingly no reason? It made no sense for him to attack any laguz for no reason.

The only mistake she made was letting Jarod live, but that in itself is pretty sueish as she's being too kind to a guy who continuously hunted her & her group & killed innocent Daien people (who she cares so much about) with no remorse. Even then, it wasn't as bad as she made it out to be, as they went to defeat him without any consequence for that one mistake. She loses to Ike, but miraculously they where able to retreat when defeated.

What Erphiam has against Machiah:
-Great fighter
-A special weapon...

-...A special weapon...

-Great fighter
-...special weapon (maybe for the FE series, should we count this as Sueish?)

-One of the few survivors of a clan
-Was a lost niece of royal family (well, there's some things different at least lol but I still don't know if this should count as Machaiah is the lost princess of Beinion)...
(If you count Sol/Manni Katti as a special weapon, than Thani should count at least on the same scale).

Maciah on all of them + Roy & Marth whom others also say outranks her for Mary sueness:
-special powers in which as far as we know she only has, even is rare for her to have powers as a branded.
-Goddess chosen as a special vessel
- 'Just knows' a song to help save the world
-became a ruler of a nation that she isn't even part of a royal family of
-An easy given lover who bends to their every whim to let them have what they want
- Secretly, a princess of a huge nation whom they realize themselves suddenly at end
-a loyal animal companion a bird, whom usually birds instantly fly off before any human dares to come close
-whenever in any danger, a powerful person or the person they love come to their rescue & protect them

While most main characters of fire emblem have mary sue traits, Maciah is the worst of the bunch (besides Robin & Kris).