Time. It's the one constant thing in life that brings change. Friends come and go. Websites look different than they did years before. This one in particular. I joined years back, had several accounts since then. This is the one that always stuck. Looking through my friends list and realizing many of them haven't been on in the last 8-10 years is depressing. I understand we all have to grow up sometime, but where did the friendships go? We were ever friends or just people who had a website in common? I don't even remember the last time I talked to a lot of them. It's a depressing thought that crossed my mind every few times a year. Some I have seen in passing through old Facebook posts and I know they're doing okay. Others I only knew on here and wonder if life was good to them, at least good enough to not cause them any problems down the road. I guess these are just thoughts of a boy who became a man. The thoughts of a millennial who has been around for change and would rather things go back to how they used to be. Sure I've had the ups and downs. There's things I'd never want to change, but friendships are the one thing that hurt the most deep down.