Chapter 11:

Sara made it to Riverwood, only to learn the horn was taken by a rather odd woman by the name of Delphine. The elder woman had taken it, to see if Sara really was the 'Dragonborn'. She didn't feel the need to prove anything to this woman, but despite how odd this all was, Delphine might have answers to what was going on. Delphine gets into her battle gear, and takes her to a old burial site that belonged to a dragon. According to her dragons weren't just coming back, something was raising them from the dead, and she was going to prove it one way or the other. So Sara had no choice but to follow this crazed woman to a small farming town of Kynesgrove.

Sara didn't know what to really think of this, but follows anyways. It took awhile to get to the small village, but she hears the all to familiar sound of a passing dragon. That's when she saw it, the same dragon that had attacked Helgen. This thing was huge, pure black, it's eyes were a deep glowing orange. It's massive wings kick up the surrounding dirt as it shouts into the burial site. It wasn't long before the ground broke open and a large skeletal dragon pulls itself out. The dragon in the air, shouts again and soon flies away as the one on the ground, starts to form muscle, then scales once again.

Delphine wasn't joking, they were being brought to life. By the very dragon that destroyed Helgen not long ago. It was up to these two to kill this new dragon before it too could fly off and do God's know what to the near by village. Once it was dead, Delphine watches as the dragons soul goes into Sara's body, and she shivers slightly, still new to all this. "You really are the Dragonborn, guess I owe you some answers..." Delphine was one of the last remaining Blades. An organization that once swore itself into protecting the emperor. That was until the Oblivion crisis over two hundred years ago. Since then the organization was a husk of what it used to be.

However it was still her duty, to help the Dragonborn and find out what was behind this mess. So far her only lead, was to get her to the Thalmor Embassy. However it might take awhile before Delphine could work something out. Sara tilts her head, a bit confused. "Who..or what are the Thalmor?" Delphine looked surprised as she crosses her arms. "You're not from around here are you?" The Thalmor is a militarist regime founded on beliefs of racial supremacy, the Thalmor seek to advance their power and influence across Tamriel with the specific intent of establishing the racial superiority of Mer over Man, 'one century at a time'. In Skyrim, they maintain an embassy in the mountains overlooking Solitude, are in control of Northwatch Keep (used as a covert detainment center for their political prisoners).

They were the main reason Talos was becoming a restricted religion. Sara just nods slowly, not really liking the sound of any of this. "Alright, you figure out how I'm suppose to get in, if and when you figure it out just send me a note, I'll be in Jorrvaskr until then." She turns and heads off for the time being. Though not before returning to High Hrothgar to return the horn to Master Arngeir. He was happy to have the item and taught her the final word to the shout Unrelenting Force. They now welcomed her with open arms so she decided to take this time to properly learn how to figure out how to use the new shouts she read from the walls.

Arngeir was happy to sit outside with her and teach her the Way of the Voice. She was new to this, and like those before her, it was up to them to lead her down the right path. To use new shouts, she needed to use the souls of the dragons she absorbed. She sits there with him for awhile, learning what she could on what it meant to be the 'Dragonborn'. When she made it back to Whiterun, once again it seemed a few days had passed and she was tired for once. All this information flouting in her mind was a bit much.

She enters the warm meadhall of Jorrvaskr and was greeted by Farkas. He always seemed so happy and wanted to hear what she had been up to. She wasn't really sure what to tell him, just that she had travel to a small village that was under attack by a dragon. He and the others in the hall all go silent. They heard the whispers of dragons and while none of the Companions had seen one yet, fighting one must be one hell of a story. Even Torvar, the normally drunk Nord had stopped, interested. Kodlak stood near the back, was this the answer to what he saw? She tells them how the large dragon, named Sahloknir rouse from the ground and she and another fighter took it down.

Ria was on the edge of her seat as Aela and Skjor look at one another. Farkas tilts his head however. "What did you mean the dragon came from out of the ground?" Sara takes a slow breath, might as well tell them. "The dragon that attacked Helgen, it seems to have the power to bring back other dragons that have been dead for sometime. I don't know where it went but my guess it will continue to visit these burial sites to rise it's fallen brothers." Farkas just looks at her wide-eyed. "You saw it yourself?" Sara gives him a nod, though she wondered just how many of them would believe her.

Kodlak walks up to her, clasping her gently. "Well that's some story, defiantly one we'll pass around for years to come in these halls." Everyone raises their cups at that and the hall was soon in a frenzy of celebration. The burning spirit of a dragon, he knew there was something more to this girl. Vilkas on the other hand had listened to the whole thing. It sounded crazy and yet, something in his gut told him she wasn't lying. He keeps his head low, unsure of what to think of all this himself. After awhile Sara turns as Aela walks up to her. The fiery Nord gives her a gentle nudge and Sara follows after her.

Once outside Skjor was waiting, arms crossed. He was an old warrior. He had seen his fair share of battles, even fought in the Great War. If she had some skill, maybe inviting her to their 'hunt' would prove useful. "The young never fail to impress." Sara looks to him, oh if only he knew what she's done before all this. "We got word, the Silver Hand have taken Gallows Rock as a hideout. We plan to go and hunt them, before they turn the hunt to us." Sara could feel her wolf shiver at the name. The bastards that almost killed Farkas. She nods her head to them. "I'm in...just lead the way." Skjor smirks at this as Aela seems to share in this moment. Those Silver Hand won't know what hit them.