Health: Well, things have been successful. I do not have a relationship with my surgeon due to the treatment I received by him directly on the day of surgery and the following day and by his PA at my follow-up appointment. I have had one contact from the surgery center about 90 days after the surgery making sure that I was recovering well and then just last Friday, April 20, I got a bill from a supposed appointment on 2/17/17, before I even had heard of the surgeon. I called and emailed explaining that the bill was in error and I wanted it fixed. I received an email saying that it was for my 2nd appointment on the day I saw the PA, an appointment with the dietician. I had gone to that office, of the dietician, and told her that I was very upset by my previous appointment and that I couldn't meet with her and that I would have nothing more to do with that office. I didn't see her about anything professional. They were trying to charge me for that. I said no and they said they'd waive the fee this time. Damn straight. Anyway, I'm down to 165 pounds. I'm no longer obese, just overweight. Maybe it's just "chubby". I wear a size 14 jeans or a medium in other things. I'm quite happy with my progress but every day I am consumed with a desire to lose more or faster. Today I decided to do a few situps and was able to toss out 50 of them with very little struggle. It was nice. Yesterday my son and I went for a walk and we went about 3 miles without my being too tired. I was hot and sweaty, but I wasn't exhausted. Things are improving. I average somewhere around 600 calories in a day and, while I know that's pretty low, it's not that I'm trying to eat that little. It's just all I manage to get in. I'm not going to simply consume empty calories just to meet a 1000 or 1200 calorie minimum that has been set.

Work: I've taken up a work from home job doing captioning. I can also do transcribing but I much prefer captioning so that's where I put in my time. It only pays about $5 an hour because of my speed. Some jobs pay more, some pay less. However, I can choose my own job, work at my own speed so long as I get it done on time, take breaks when I want, work in my pajamas, whatever. I also am very interested in the things that I caption. I've captioned things for ET, the Doctors, Rachel Ray, universities, DOD, and lots of other things. Some jobs can be as few as 9 seconds and some can run into the 3 hour mark. I generally take 3-30 minute jobs but the one I'm working on now is 57 minutes. I'm okay with pretty much everything. I try to earn $125 a week now that I'm able to concentrate on the work. I am also watching two small dogs for a neighbor.

The book: I was writing a 2nd book instigated by the death of my mother. The first one was specifically about her and was published in May of 2017. This book is supposed to be more for people who are grieving like my father was and still is. It is in the final stages of printing right now. The final approval was actually given just a few minutes ago. I am really not pleased with the book but it is my father's dream and I was merely his typist, basically. I did pull everything together and put it into the format he wanted. I didn't argue to get things how I wanted them because he's the one paying me and paying for the printing. It's his book so it should be how he wants it. It was the same with the first book.

Anyway, with the new job, I don't have much time to be here. However, this is where I made friends and where people might have an interest in how I'm doing. I still drop by occasionally but I am just trying to make a living. If you're interested in my life and want to leave a message, feel free. Like I said, I do still drop by. I still enjoy reading the forums but I only have a little free time daily and then some on the weekends. One problem with having even a slight income is that I then want to buy things. So, in my free time I tend to wander around Walmart. Luckily they don't have much I want to buy.