Chapter 10:

They made good progress through the night, however by the time they reached the small village of Rorikstead the weather made a turn for the worse. It was the dead of night, the clouds had rolled in, and the next thing she knew it was raining on them. She lets out a soft yip as they bail and run into the small inn, that was rather quiet at this time. She shakes herself a bit as poor Vilkas looked horrible. The dark warpaint around his eyes made him look like a tired raccoon than a wolf. She tries not to laugh, his dark hair now matted to his head as she slowly walks up to the innkeeper. "Room please, two if you got it." The old Nord, Mralki had seen many people pass though, none looked like a pair of drowned Skeevers however. "Sorry, with all the trouble on the roads I only got one."

She rolls her eyes but pays for it anyways. They just needed to wait out the weather, shouldn't take to long she hoped. This would just let them get dried off as they enter the rather small room. She removes her poor armor and frowns. Wet leather was never fun as Vilkis just removes his heavy armor and gets to drying it before it rusted over. "Damn weather, came out of nowhere..." He grumbled softly as he sat as the far corner of the room. Well as far as he could get in the normally one person room. She felt bad, but it was only temporary. Though this meant finding the escaped criminal a bit harder now. There was no telling where they could have gone.

Though it didn't matter for now as she uses her magic to slowly dry herself. Vilkas blinks as he looks up. He had seen magic, didn't trust it, but he never seen whatever it was she was doing. "Isn't that dangerous?" She could hear the unease in his voice. "No, it's a simple spell, does nothing but warm things, don't worry I'm not going to use it on ya, I know you Nords don't trust magic." Again for whatever reason, but he just seemed, suspicious. She rolls her eyes again and stops. "Fine I'll stop mister grumpy pants, catch a cold for all I care." He lets out a low huff as he seems to puff out his chest.

The wet tunic he was in showed the muscle that hid under the thin fabric. "I'll have you know I've never been sick in my life. Not that we could get sick our Beastblood protects us." She leans back in the chair, the room had a single bed, a table and a chair, that was about it. She stole the chair, while he stole the small bed. "A thousand pardons." She bows her head to him and he just lets out a low growl. She was something else, and yet, Gods he could feel his inner wolf. It was practically begging to be let out, to take her, pin her against the wall. He shakes his head, he needed a drink, badly and just leaves the room. She tilts her head, wondering if she somehow insulted him.

The storm only lasted a few hours and he spent the rest of their time at the inn, sitting at the bar, trying not to get to drunk. Just drunk enough to get those damn thoughts out of his head. He was no stranger to women, however he had learned over the years, he had a habit of being a bit to rough with the local tavern wenches. He either scared them off, or he never saw them again. When the rain finally let up he picks up his armor and the two set off again. Neither of them got any sleep, but she was far to used to not sleeping. He didn't seemed to bothered as they continued to make their way to Solitude. To get to the city, they had to pass though the Dragon Bridge town to follow the road that turned east.

However as they passed through a few of the guards there had spotted the criminal. They were debating on which way the guy went as Vilkas wonders up to them, to tell the guards they were after the man. The guards where rather helpful, but they didn't seem to sure which way the guy went when the storm hit. Last they saw of him was he was headed for Pinemoon Cave and if he was going there, they were not about to follow. Vilkas just lets out a low grunt and gets the detection to the cave and soon they were off again. "So what's so bad about this cave?" Vilkas lets out a low sound. "Vampires, if the damn fool got himself killed, I'll take it.."

He did not have a lot of experience when fighting them. While they were immune to their disease they were still dangerous and could drain their energy in a matter of minutes. "Take it you don't fight them often?" He turns to her, but shakes his head. "Do you?" She just smiles and soon she had the burning flames of a ready fire spell to use. "Oh you bet your fluffy butt these things are a problem back home, fire kills them quickly." He stops dead in his tracks as he just kind of looks at her with probably the most confused look she had ever seen. she just lets out low sigh, this man had no since of humor.

As they got closer to the cave it was slowly becoming dawn. She lowers her hand as she sees the body of a lone male, just outside the cave entrance was the escaped prisoner. Guess he tried to take shelter here and the vampires had made a quick snack of him. Nothing they could do now, they didn't get hired to clear out the cave so all that was left to do was to go back to Whiterun. It was past noon by the time they got back but she does not follow him into the city. She still had to go to Riverwood and find out who the hell took the horn she was after. "I'll met you back at Jorrvaskr if anyone asks, we killed something, it'll make a better story!" She turns and heads off to the south.

Vilkas was more than happy to be back home. He plants himself at the table in the meadhall and sinks into it. He grabs the nearest bottle, and downs it. Farkas sees this and sits by his bother. "Didn't go well?" Vilkas lets out a low growl. "The fool we were after got himself killed, didn't see much on the road but..." He goes quiet for a moment. "I never felt my Beastblood more than I have now...." He lowers his head, a bit ashamed of himself as he drags his fingers through his messy hair. "Gods that's like looking into the flames and I am but a moth caught in her snare..."

Farkas could only sit there, he had never seen his brother this worked up before. " falling for her?" He had never seen Vilkas like this. It was strange as Vilkas just lets out a rather frustrated sound. "I barely know this new blood!" Farkas tilts his head, confused now. "Yeah so, get to know her?" Vilkas slams his bottle on the table, he just wanted to get good and drunk, then go crash in his bed. Let the Gods carry him away, it was a better fate then this. "You make it sound so simple..." Farkas gives his brother a rough pat on the shoulder. "Only because you're making it harder on yourself..." Vilkas lets out a deep sigh, and grabs another drink.