Haha lets keep this simple

Currently is following these series:

---Continue from previous---
* Black Clover
* Darling in FranXX
* Toji no Miko
* Grancrest Senki

--New series--
* Full Metal Panic IV
This one is real continuation

* Tada-kun wa koi wo shinai
Love the big nyanko and the pairings are set

* Hinamatsuri
Was though there will be more mature sound, anyway the stuffs do as good as the manga.

* SAO Alternative - Gun Gale Online
Unexpectedly good because I haven't read the stuffs.

* Mahou Shoujo Site
Already read the manga, the anime offers better, colored drawing.

* Wotaku ni Koi
As good comedic as the manga

* Comic Girls
Loli!! okay not really.

* High School DxD Hero
Ecchi of the season!!

* Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu
This short anime is great. Think as Gintama in outer space.

* 3D Kanojo Real Girl
Although already read the manga till end, waiting for its live action.