Though many saw the act of murder as barbaric and sick, there were some that saw murder, death for what it was. A beautiful part of nature. Most of those people only make up a small percentage of murderers and psychopaths; for not only do they not allow themselves to get caught, they're paid to do it.

RIDGE, an association of assassins, all top of the line and for the most part trained to be so. However, among the ranks of RIDGE, there are anomalies. In a world full of nothing interesting, nothing mystical; demons and angels walked among us. RIDGE to the world is known as a political tool of mercenaries that help the highest bidder commit whatever dirty deeds they need, despite being denied. However, to the politicians and people of RIDGE, they were seen as a deadly organization of power and even more so, a 'prison' for demonic beings.

When you hear prison, you probably wouldn't think of a place that exists to let you do what you shouldn't for money, but that is exactly what this prison was. A way for humans to watch as many demons as they could, but also handle dirty work. Among the ranks of RIDGE, there are a dozen demonic beings, all of which are there willingly. The most dangerous, and unpredictable was Arteis, or that is what RIDGE claims. However, any demon among them and even some humans they deem worthwhile knew exactly how he was and what he'd do. To Arteis, death, murder was art. Most times when deployed, he found the work to be too easy and not enjoyable. However, when sent out alone, he savors his work; doesn't mind for casualties as long as he can make his masterpiece. Most victims of Areis' solo missions are never to be seen again, not by anyone. Not RIDGE, not the Countries of the world, and in some cases, even angels were incapable of finding his victims.