i've been meaning to write down a few "family skeletons" of sorts. just things i realized or learned in the last year.

in the last 2 years i realized my dad has a step sister.
i mean. i've known about her since i was a kid. my gram was widowed for a long time and then remarried once all her boys were teens. she remarried a divorced man who has 1 daughter. her mom didn't want her around my gram's husband (i've never called him step grandfather. i just call him by his name. i think everyone would be awkward calling him anything but his name.. he's been good to my gram all these years. he's a part of the family. but he goes by his name. xd ). exes be salty or something. anyway, years and years later, once she was grown up and had a family of her own, she comes to my gram's house during the holidays.
i rather like her.
but it only dawned on me recently that... technically she's a step-aunt..... O_o'
she's a good 10-15 years younger than my dad. xd


i was thinking about my uncle jim today. my aunt's first husband.
sometime in the last couple years mom mentioned that my aunt was not uncle jim's first wife.... and that my cousins have half-siblings somewhere out in the world.

crazy. i didn't know until i was like 29-30!