Chapter 8:

Meanwhile back inside the meadhall of Jorrvaskr Vilkas sits with his brother as they enjoy a warm meal by the fire-pit. Vilkas was on his third bottle of mead before turning to his brother. Vilkas was the older one, but Farkas had a much larger build. While Vilkas had no shortage on muscle, he just had a slim body compared to his brother. Though they had the same dark warpaint around their eyes, it was one thing they always had that was the same. It takes him a moment to speak. "So how did our new...shield-sister fair in the Cairn?" Farkas hadn't been paying attention and blinks. Vilkas lets out a low sigh as his brother soon perks up. "She did well, she took out anyone far enough with her bow, she would do Aela proud."

The red head heard that, nice to hear not everyone thought bows weren't honorable enough. Farkas continues however. "But when those damn draugr came close, her sword arm was nothing I've seen before!" Farkas was no stranger to fighting beside others, but the way she moved, the swing of that blade, it was like watching a dance. He had no idea how to put it to words however. "She uses a bit of magic, killed those frost spiders..." The poor man shivers, he never had to deal with those before. Now the very idea scared him.

"She could keep up with Athis and he's good." Athis was a dark elf that joined them some time ago. The elf didn't look like much, but he was rather good with a sword and shield. The dark elf looks up at this, maybe he could try and spar with this girl to see for himself. Farkas just continues as everyone else remains either talking, or in Torvar's case, drinking, a lot. "She's not used, but other than that she's a good friend and I trust her." Vilkas keeps his cold gaze on his brother. It honestly didn't take much for Farkas to become friends with just about anyone. As long as they were kind or showed promise. Vilkas nods as he turns his eyes back to his food. He would just have to see this for himself.

Meanwhile Sara had worked her way through Ustengrav only to find that the horn was gone. She lets out a low growl as she sees a single letter, saying if she wanted it, to come to the inn at Riverwood. She lets out a deeper growl, rather pissed she just went through all this, for nothing. Well she did find another word wall. Had something to do with the word 'fade'. She throws up her hands as she finds the nearest exit and heads back to Whiterun. By the time she got there a few days had passed since she kept getting lost in the ruins. She tells her housecarl to return to Dragonsreach as she heads for Jorrvaskr. By then the place was quiet and only person on the main floor was the older female caretaker Tilma. The older woman looks up and smiles.

"Oh the new face, you should get yourself to bed young lady.." Sara looks down a bit and nods, heading downstairs. Before she could reach the door however she runs face first into a full plated chest and she lets out a soft yip. Vilkas catches her and frowns a bit. "You should watch where you're going." She shakes her head. "I didn't know some armored icebrain would be blocking the door.." She rubs her face a bit as she looks up at him. She had no idea what time it was, but it had to be late. "Why are you up anyways aren't you guys sleeping by now?" He crosses his arms as he looks at her. "I have a job for you."

Sara keeps her eyes on him. She couldn't say no, but she was planing to leave and head for Riverwood as soon as she could in the morning. "Fine fine, what do you need me to do?" He tries to get a read on her. She was a typical Imperial, not to short though, dark long hair that went past her shoulders. Lightly tanned skin, from running around a lot no doubt. Her eyes though, sort of reminded him of high cut sapphires glowing in the light. She had an odd beauty to her, but he soon shakes the thought away. "We are to go out to Solitude, seems a prisoner has escaped their jail, we need to go find him and kill him before he harms anyone."

She tilts her head at this, he was coming with it seemed so she gives him a nod. "Alright, not like I sleep anyways, might as well get going. Where's Solitude?" She was still new as he shows her on the map, it was far north from where they were at. "Ah...sorry I'm still trying to learn the places in Skyrim." She honestly hadn't had the time to learn all the cities just yet. So far if it wasn't something to do with this whole Dragonborn thing, it was work for the Companions, which she didn't mind. He just lets out a low sound and leads the way. Seems they would be walking the way there as Vilkas ignores the carriage near the stables.

While it was late into the night Vilkas couldn't sleep thanks to his Beastblood. No doubt she had the same problem since she hardly looked tired at all as she walked with him. He was the same height as her so keeping up wasn't a huge issue for her. She hadn't gotten to know all of the Companions, so she might as well learn more about him since she knew a bit about his brother. "Farkas says you two have been with the Companions since you were kids." Vilkas turns his head at that and lets out a low laugh. It sounded, indifferent.

"To hear Farkas tell it, our father raised us here as happy pups, running around biting knees. I love my brother, but his brains are not his strong suit. We were brought here by Jergen. Whether he was our father or not, I don't care. He left to fight in the Great War and never came back. So he's not my problem anymore." Sara could only nod, so they seemed to carry the memory in their own way, made since. "Farkas doesn't seem so bad, though I feel rather guilty that he now seems to have a fear of spiders. Not that I blame him, by the Gods those things are huge..." Her whole body seems to shake, far to many memories came flooding back.

"The only thing I never understood is how they get so big compared to the common house spiders you find in the corners of rooms." Vilkas looks up at the night stars, the two moons hanging low in the sky. "I am not sure, perhaps some trickster God decided that us mortals needed more things to fear." Which one he couldn't be sure but it sounded right to him. Sara gives it some thought before she nods, she rather liked his line of thinking. "Aye sounds about right.." She had never been more aware of being next to another wolf than now. There was something different about Vilkas, but she wasn't sure what it was.

Her inner wolf was more curious than anything else. He seemed to be holding back, as if he was ashamed of his Beastblood. She had never gave it much thought, she just made peace with it. She wasn't sure what was on his mind though, his eyes, his face, it was hard to read. She turns to the road ahead of them as he continues to lead the way a bit. "Why did you come here?" She was a little surprised by his question. "I just wanted to travel, I like seeing new places, I did not however know about the war or whatever is going on and...yeah lets just leave it at that shall we?" He keeps a half gaze on her, he just didn't know what to make of her yet.