Chapter 6:

Farkas leads the way out of Whiterun, giving her a bit more history behind Wuuthrad. She just nods slowly, keeping her eyes on him. Truth be told, she had never came across another of her kind before. While Kodlak seemed nice enough, this was still new for her. Farkas seems to feel her unease as he pauses what he was saying as he looks at her. "Do I make you nervous?" He had such an honest tone, it almost sounded hurt as she shakes her head. "No no...I've just never met another...werewolf.." She keeps her voice down, but they were clear of the farms now so there was no fear of anyone hearing them.

He doesn't seem to react outside of a small nod. "There are only a few of us, maybe if you prove your worth to Skjor he will let you into The Circle. It's only me my brother, Aela, Skjor and Kodlak, but they'er good people." Sara nods as she starts to relax a bit. "So what made you join The Companions, have you always been a werewolf?" He gives her a warm smile as he answers. "Vilkas and I have been here since we were little whelps. Our father, Jergen, raised us here. Even Vignar couldn't remember Companions younger than us!" He lets out a low sigh. "As for our Beastblood, we had our reason, we wanted to be stronger, though Kodlak doesn't think we should rely on it to much.."

Nords were an odd bunch. Though many believed when they passed, their soul would go into the heavens of Sovngarde. However, with them being werewolves their souls would enter the realm of Hircine, to join him in his hunting grounds till the end of time. While many loved the idea to hunt beside the powerful Daedra prince, Farkas wasn't really sure how to feel now. He shakes his head, the poor man was never the brightest. He'll let his brother figure this one out. He'd go wherever he went. Sara on the other hand nods as they start to head northwest. "I understand, it's easy to lose yourself to these things...I' a bit on the subject."

She shivers as she keeps her bow close, just in case. "The only real problem I ever ran into was when I first changed, I was so young and I had no real idea what was going on. I think I spent most the night barking at rabbits and running after my own tail. When I came to I was naked under the statue of Azura in Cyrodiil...had a hard time explaining that one.." Farkas could feel his eyes go wide, the poor thing. Though he may had done the same thing, only in a more public space, at a much older age, blamed it on the mead and left for home, embarrassed. After awhile they reached the old ruin as Sara looks down.

The Cairn was cut into the ground, a set of stone stairs lead the way down and they slowly make their way to the door. Sara decides to tell him the same thing she told Lydia. "Stay behind me, last thing I need is to hit ya with my bow." He nods and does as she asks. He may not be the brightest candle, but the man knew his way on the battlefield. Sara opens the door to the crypt and shudders, she knew right away they were going to run into those damn draugr again. Oddly there were also signs that someone else had been down here recently. She looks to Farkas and he nods, pulling out his two handed sword. They remain on guard, as they make their way slowly through the hall.

The path forward near where they entered was covered with large rocks. They had to turn and go a different way, there was still dust in the air. She hears the familiar groan of a draugr and she pulls out her bow, the thing had it's back to her, so she hits him on the back of the head with an arrow. Farkas had seen how good Aela was with her own bow, but he was still impressed. They continued, only coming across some dead draugr. She lets out a low sound, she didn't like this. They came to a small 'camp' with two hunters near a fire. She didn't think much of them, until she saw their weapons, they were silver swords.

Had to be some curse, much like vampires couldn't handle the sun, werewolves couldn't handle silver weapons. Something about it's purity reacted to their blood in a bad way. It was the only real way to kill of of their kind and she takes them both out before they noticed anything. Farkas lets out a low growl as he seems them. "Silver Hand bastards...they hunt werewolves all over Skyrim, they must know of the fragment and came to look for it." She nods and the two keep moving. However the seem to reach a dead end. The path ahead blocked by a large iron gate. "There must be a way to open it...look for a lever."

Sara takes a look around the small room, to find only one lever in a small alcove. She pulls it, only to hear a clunk, then a louder clunk to see she was now trapped in that room. Farkas walks up to her slowly. "Now look what you did, I'll go see if there's a way to lift this gate." He blinks and turns to see six Silver Hand solders step out to greet him. "Aww look, seems we finally caught ourselves at least one of the dogs." Farkas turns to Sara, he was outnumbered and she couldn't help much behind the gate. So without thinking, he quickly shifts into his wolf form, to deal with the Silver Hand himself.

Once they were dead the large wolf runs off and soon the gate opens. She steps out to see Farkas again, looking a little worse for wear. "Sorry, hope I didn't scare you." She shakes her head, she was more surprised than anything. "I've never seen someone change I'm more surprised, but I'm alright, I trust you aren't hurt." He looks himself over. "No I'm fine." Sara picks up one of the swords and he frowns at her. "To use against the undead, as much as it sucks they are useful." Farkas gives her a small nod and stays a bit more behind her now. They kept moving however, only to run into more draugr and a few more Silver Hand members.

It finally felt they were making progress, until she sees the signs of spider webs about. "Oh joy." She puts her weapons away to use her fire magic. Nords a a general distrust of magic, something in their nature but he doesn't seem to object as she uses her flames to get through the flames. The spiders themselves soon show up, rather unhappy with their home now on fire. Farkas uses his blade on the largest of spiders as it leaps at him. The poor thing look terrified by the time she managed to help him. These spiders were huge, and like to throw their venom at their prey. His armor was now melting away a few spots but he was okay.

They make it to the final room of this place. The walls were lined with coffins as she keeps her bow out. The place was quiet, to quiet as she sees the fragment laying out in the open on a alter. Looked like a trap if ever there was one. Behind the alter however was another one of those walls. She walks up slowly as it's power seems to flow to her again. Farkas blinks as he tilts his head. "I'll explain later, get ready to fight." She takes the fragment, and the lids to all the coffins fall open. Time to fight more draugr.