So I had my meal with cheese today and after that my stomach felt strange.

For lunch, I had chicken and broccoli with some sharp cheddar cheese (shredded) on top and it tasted good! BUT.... it made my stomach feel real bloated!

Now for dinner, I had made my family and myself pork chop in mushroom sauce (made with coconut milk) and stir fried some baby arugula and baby spinach with some salt, ground pepper and lemon juice.

After dinner, we drove to Publix and I bought some Dove milk chocolate ice cream bars and Häagen-Dazs milk chocolate almond and coffee ice cream bar.. I had one small ice cream bar (dove milk chocolate) and now my stomach feels REALLY STRANGE!!! A mix between bloated and I need to do a #3 in the bathroom. If you don't know what that means.. here's the list:

#1 means "pee"

#2 means "poo"

#3 means "diarrhea"

Yea... >///<

NOT GOOD!!! That means starting from now I can't eat a whole lot of dairy! Which sucks because I love chocolate and cheese!!! Ugh!!!