Slaughtered by Beauty
She is one toxic lady.
All her words
You may think she is one to be compared to a sly fox.
No, she is beyond that mere canine.
For one, she is the troublesome villainess.
Beating everyone else with one swipe.
One step.
One squeeze.
Now, she is not the one you can easily please.
If you attempt to try,
she will politely ask you to die.
One glare
Million of scissor knives.
She is one tough woman.
Brushing away the insults.
Dodging left and right to those punches.
Don't test her patience.
Don't test her strength.
After all, they always say looks can kill.
You never know if she is doing it for a thrill.
With her scaly tail dragging behind,
her wings graciously flare out.
Blowing away at the hills with eyes.
Ignoring those that go to guilt her with their cries.
-Snow that flutters down like feathers