Wrapped Bundle of Joy
I am full of history.
But, to this day, my spices bring people joy and victory.
I may not look like much.
But with just one munch.
I bring many to their knees.
I am hot.
I am easy to please.
Your tears
Your stomach aches
Your heavy pants
All will suffice.
Filled with rice.
Filled with meat.
Filled with vegetables.
Not many are sure how to identify me.
A sausage?
A meal?
A snack?
I am brought along to be shared among many.
Man, aren't I great to bring to parties?
You never see me alone.
Link to link.
You will see my brothers, sisters, and I in sync.
You take me
and you take them too.
Just like our creators sticking like glue.
-Snow that flutters down like feathers

Note: This poem was meant to be written on Friday. My sincere apologies for not posting a poem on Friday. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did typing it. Happy Reading! <3