Albanus is the second oldest country after Zana. The territory is ocean-locked, so in the beginning, people rarely ventured Albanus. During the time of seclusion, Albanians were divided in two major clans: those who dwell on the seaside, and those who dwell in the heart of Albanus. The leadership of country was determined by death fight of one representative from each clan.

They never did co-exist in peace, consistently fighting over ownership of variety of things, never settling for harmony. When the first Seafolks created boats and ships to roam the ocean, those who longed for peaceful land eagerly developed better vessels to allow them escape Albanus. Most, however, remained where they are.

Albanians fought side by side during the Interworld War, and lived in considerable peace for some years. However, the old rivalry sparked again and worsened. Seafolks, consisting of more people, demanded solid governance over Albanus; while Landfolks, who mostly owned greater magic power, believed they had better claim. They began a long-running war, which eventually ended by the intervention of Imperium, who would later help Albanus to establish new diarchy system with one representative from each clan to rule the country.

While this system worked well for a long time, the long-running hatred between clans was never quenched. The rulers continually tried to overthrow one another, or to benefit their clan more than the other. This extended to habitual assassination attempt, and the clans ended up more hostile than ever.

The second civil war broke with greater magnitude, and not even Imperium diplomacy could settle the rage between clans. It got worse by day, as killings turned into torture, and victims' ages decreased. All countries were sent to protect civilians and helped them find refuge, as well as continuously trying to settle peaceful agreement in Albanus.

Eoin was born as the second year dawned on the war-torn country. Albeit facing great turmoil during several first few years of his life, the country settled down a little during the year of Rins's introduction to royal society. Eoin enjoyed somewhat peaceful childhood for a year or two while the two leaders were occupied by the newly-appointed king, each trying to obtain his support for their benefit.

With help of Prince Ron, Queen Carnelian of Regina, King Ixanthus of Visca, and King Ytterbium of Imperium, Rins tried to prolong the pause on the civil war. However, after a couple of years, the leaders returned to Albanus and the civil war re-commenced. The country was destructed very rapidly, barely anyone survived--military, civilians, Albanians, and representatives from other countries alike fell victim. Eoin's parents were blown to bits while escorting him to children's refugee camp. Eoin picked up his father's ear, the only noticeable part of him because of his family's triple earrings. These earrings were long-kept as the only thing left of his family.***

Feeling somewhat responsible for not being able to hold the leaders longer, Rins requested for permission to join the war. Hot-headed Vernal and his father came alongside of him, pleased to fight and die with the future king. Queen Carnelian sent Prea to protect her friends and comrades, while Rechdelve, who couldn't leave her country, gave strong protective charm for Vernal and Rins, knowing Prea was skilled and experienced enough to protect herself.

King Ixanthus and Vernal were stationed in civilian's fort by the northern sea, while Rins and Prea were responsible to provide protection for the children's refugee camp, not so faraway from the fort. At night, the Landfolk attacked the fort on the northern sea, but the attack was extended to children's camp. Rins maintained protection from within the castle, while Prea defended the entrance. However, the attack was too overwhelming, and Prea used telepathy to summon Rins for help.

On his way, Rins found Eoin crouching between the ruins of the camp's gate, and managed to pull him away just in time before a destroyed lighthouse fell on him. Terrified Eoin couldn't move from the horror and shock. Rins hugged him and sang until he stopped trembling, then brought him back to the other kids.

After collecting children and providing seal, Rins left the children to other protectors and went to help Prea at the entrance. However, Prea was already severely wounded and was on the verge of death. Just before her final breath, she summoned ultimate protection over the camp, and another to protect Vernal through life to make sure Rins wouldn't lose any more friends. Great collision between Prea's light magic and Landfolk's dark magic caused explosion that caused Rins his hearing. Rins was blown back into the camp and fell unconscious for some moments but was protected by Rechdelve's charm.

When he's awake, the attack had ceased. He looked to see Prea and found her bathed in blood on Vernal's arms. The two mourned their friend, and King of Visca called for the two clans to halt their envy and rage for good. In respect and mourning of the loss of well-loved princess, they agreed to call for ceasefire and end Albanus Civil War for good.

*** Eoin never wore these earrings. Later, he'd give these to Rins for wedding present.