Hourglass - invisibility
Axe handle - super strength
Sundial - future sight
Golden watch - super sight
Plant stick - plant growth
Stop watch - weak points
Digital watch - likeability
Metronome - 100% power
Journal - healing
Candles - illusions
Pocket watch - combines Timepieces
Cecil - imagination
Staff - pure light

Axe handle strengthens other Timepieces or makes them usable for a longer time
Metronome let's you use a Timepiece more than once a day 

Hourglass - invisibility 
Sundial - prevents future-sight of others
Golden watch - x-ray vision
Plant stick - makes plants invisible
Stop watch -  hides weakness
Digital watch - makes people forget their goal
Journal – makes wounds and scars invisible
Candles -  shape-shift yourself

Sundial - future sight
Golden watch – focus better on visions
Plant stick - see a plants growth cycle
Stop watch - see what weak point causes 
Digital watch - see a happy vision
Journal – makes it easier on the mind to see in the future
Candles – show a false future

Golden watch - super sight
Plant stick -  see plants through ground
Stop watch - see way more weak points 
Digital watch - see what you want to find
Journal - see internal injuries
Candles – see through illusions

Plant stick - grow plants
Stop watch -  plant pressure points
Digital watch -  grow what plants you want where you want
Journal - healing a dead plant
Candles -  earth-based illusions

Stop watch - see weak points
Digital watch - pleasure points
Journal -  temporary invulnerability
Candles - see origin of an illusion

Digital watch - likeability
Journal - calm someone emotionally
Candles - show someone an illusion of something they want

Journal - heal
Candles – removes pain