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The characters of Rhun Tolihzeh
[ED] Seimei
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Name: Seimei
Nicknames or Aliases: None yet
Age: eighteen
Gender: male
Sexuality: homosexual/Uke
Status: Unclaimed
Master (if claimed): None yet
Height: 160 centimeters
Weight: 54 kilos
Race: Nekomata
Class/Occupation: Thief
Scars / Tattoos / Markings / Piercings / Collars: One scar over his right eye from earlier fight. A small piece out of his left ear. He has a distinctive tattoo on his right shoulder with the emblem of the pirate crew he was with.


↳ Reserved He won't easily trust people, in his line of work everyone is trouble
↳ Mischievous Despite his life on the run as a thief he has a very playful, mischievous streak.
↳ Self Centered He will do anything if it is beneficial to him later on.

↳ Born from Nekomata of Shadow. He inherited various powers from his parents and has always been an only child.
↳ Separated from his parents when he was still a young child. Hungry for more adventure, he left home as a kitten and went to the harbor where he sneaked on board of a ship in some barrels.
↳ Lived the pirate life from then on as it turned out he had gotten on board of a pirate ship. The crew wanted to get rid of him, but the captain took him under his wing when he came out and saw the boy, thinking of the potential the demon cat had as first mate.
↳ Pirates helped him with his powers once it turned out he was able to manipulate shadows. He has often been used for the more stealthy jobs.
↳ Went rogue when the crew turned on him after taking over the ship. The captain was killed and Seimei would have been next if he hadn't managed to escape. Now he steals for his own benefit.


↳ A dagger
that he keeps hidden under his pants.

Abilities / Skills:
↳ Shadow Teleportation He can use shadows to teleport from one point to another. However there has to be shadow where he wants to teleport to and he needs to have visited the location prior to teleportation.
↳ Stealth Can turn invisible and sneak passed doors and people. But he can only go into stealth mode in shadows, he will be highly sensitive to light when in stealth mode, it will hurt him and cause burns when exposed for a longer time. He also can't use any offensive moves while stealthed and he can still be bumped into as well. (People with night vision can detect his body heat, his temperature is quite higher than a human's)
↳ Imbue Shadow He can infuse weapons with shadow energy, even for others if he wishes to. His claws are imbued with shadow energy by default and have a small chance of corrupting (poisoning) the victim.


↳ The night His powers are the strongest at night or if surrounded by a lot of shadows.
↳ Agility He is very agile thanks to his feline attributes. He can run quite fast, climb very well and jump about the same as a cat. (eight feet) His feline heritage also gives him great eye sight at night.

↳ Bright Light/Sunlight Bright light will always be a bother to him, but won't burn him unless he is in stealth mode. It is also not an instant burn, but gradual, he can move for a bit in light but it will hurt more as time passes in the light. His eyes are also slightly more sensitive to general daylight until he adjusts.
↳ Teleportation weakness as he can't just teleport whenever he so pleases. It takes quite some energy to perform teleportation, rendering him exhausted if to far or to often.

↳ Strawberries Just for the taste as he doesn't eat food like others.
↳ Negative emotions. Hate, Anger, Sadness etc. He feeds off of those. Negative energy is what gives him strength which he has to siphon himself. If he doesn't he will gradually get weaker.

↳ Fish, he hates fish. Being forced to eat it way to often while at sea.
↳ Being betrayed or lied to. He will take this really seriously.


Extra / Other: Subject to the demon code like all Nekomata This goes several ways. If he makes a deal, he HAS to fill his end of the bargain, whether he likes it or not. And if given a new name (Do need to clarify renaming him, just nicknames have no effect.) if the person who gave him the name uses it in the same sentence as an order, he can't disobey it, though he might fight it.

Created By: Rhun Tolihzeh

Rhun Tolihzeh
Community Member
  • 10/28/18 to 10/21/18 (1)
  • 09/09/18 to 09/02/18 (1)
  • 08/26/18 to 08/19/18 (1)
  • 08/12/18 to 08/05/18 (1)
  • 04/22/18 to 04/15/18 (1)
  • 01/07/18 to 12/31/17 (1)
  • 10/29/17 to 10/22/17 (2)

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    Much food for thought here I must say I love this character

    comment MikaWolvane · Community Member · Sat Aug 25, 2018 @ 10:10am
    User Comments: [1]

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