Poetry had been singing softly to herself in whispers, begging Time to move faster. It was becoming a bit of a habit to do that here in school. But then again, she didn't do it because of classes. She did it because of her own actions had most likely killed any potential chance at gaining close friends and she couldn't bare the shame.

Her loose silver-gold hair fell over her shoulders and down her back. In her pale blues, her cheeks only just barely hinting at the warmth beneath the soft skin, the girl not only appeared a ghost... It seemed she was treated as one too. But that was probably her fault too, considering how withdrawn she had been lately. Eyes glazing over, as if sitting for so long was starting to ice her over both outside and in, Poetry practically jumped out of her skin when she felt something hop right onto her lap.

A crumpled piece of paper. Her surprise turned to confusion as she looked up and around. Ezera was looking at her, almost signaling for her to read whatever the crumpled message contained. Dread slid like oil through her veins. Oh trip-tailin' cyclone, there was no way this could be good. What would it be then? An apologetic explanation of how he didn't ever want to talk to her or have her talk to his girlfriend ever again? Or maybe he was good at acting and his anger had reached the tipping point and it would be full on threats?

This is why aggression never paid off. Wilting like a dying flower in vase, she slowly, listless undid the crumpled paper, remembering the lesson the teacher had given on their first day. 'Some things can't be undone...' Twitchin'... Her social life was dead it couldn't even come back as a zombie...

But there was no venom hidden on the paper. And as she read the little letter, life seemed to flow back to her cheeks, her back straightening a bit more, her shoulders not shrinking so much like a whipped dog's tail. So he and Amelia weren't mad at her any more? They were going to forgive her? She looked up at Ezera with shining clear-water eyes. A smile split over her face. Bobbing her head, as if to tell him she was alright, she pressed the paper in between her books.

Running her finger through her hair, patting her cheeks till blood rushed back into them, making them bloom just a bit more. She stood, shedding her oversized white sweater. A deep purple tee-shirt with orange and blue mosaic designs revealed her zest was back. A true hippie-chic shirt for a revitalized sensitive. Standing straight, she lifted her arms above her head, stretching out her arms. The willowy fae grinned even though her pale belly showed a bit, and her eyes went over to Quinten and Lily. How unfortunate for them. They'd have a fully charged Poetry Bluebell Carolina Sundance to deal with.

Picking up a few things from her bag, she handed a stapled five page outline to Ezera. Then she moved through the desks over to the small group of popular people. Each step she took was like a step on across air, and she slipped through each small gap with a dancer-like grace that mimicked pure ballet. Standing in front of them finally, she grinned her full hundred-watt sunflower smile.

"Get trippin' and set your eyes on something I drew~" she practically sang in her airy light melody, "Group Five, get hip to this jive~ On this project you'd think you flew~ Keep up with me and maybe you're grades will stay alive~" She giggled jovial music that bubbled up and spilled over her lips.

"Catch it," she practically snapped to attention, though her lips were still tilted in an amused grin, "I already pulled books from the library on two of the most slammin' lava-shooters." She handed copies of her outlined research to Quinten and then placed one by Jacob and Lily. Oh and of course she gave one to Nathaniel and Nicoletta too, but she was more concerned with the cool kids understanding the task master they were grouped up with.

"Pompeii or Mt. Fuji," she grinned brightly, "Both are listed, twisted, and totally rung out of all the info available in our library in the outline I drew up." She put a hand on her hip and held up her copy. "History is somethin' pretty ace wit' me, so I got my wheels spinnin' on day two~ Anyway, it's not like I had much to do~"

She tipped her head to the side, beaming cheerfully, though her pale eyes seemed to gleam with a challenge at Jacob's friend with the guitar, since she all but assumed he'd be the weak link in the group. Populars always had stuff going on, so they were the hardest to work with, but if he made at least a small effort, she'd be down to help him out.