Written By: Jin Darkholme, & Tashi Chime

Citrine: I may not be an oldest, or a youngest,
But I'm the one whom has caressed
Your adamantium cheek with my tail tip,
And with whom you have licked the drip
From your lasorsharp clawtip
Of a hot chili pepper sublime,
My sweet Bhutanese bell chime.
I am for whom you bend,
And together we shall someday blend
Our well-mixing hues
Whenever we will then choose,
Creating blues, greens, and turquoises,
Whom will in turn grow up to know bliss.
The more it burns, the better it tastes.
Towards our first kiss we yearn to go fast-paced.

Stargazer: All shall know our passionate desires
Are not strung from wires.
Our P.D.A. shall definitely offend,
And all will wonder if we have sinned.
Upon your tailtip I wish to bite,
And fill others with tremendous freight.
Let's get a reaction
From our mutual attraction.
Our performance shall be without a net,
As in dim light we shall not fret
About others' views of us,
And we care not of others' fuss.

Citrine: You may proudly gaze upon me,
Or upon a keepsake picture,
After I come to be free.
Don't let it feel a torture.
You've no longer reason to feel shy
As you have your guy.

We shall share our finger foods,
And we will laugh as Nightcrawler broods.
Lick the pepper juice off my clawtips,
And watch out of eyecorner as Nightcrawler trips.
He will know what he has missed,
As we be the sole ones we've kissed.
We shall meet in the moonlight,
And fill our fathers with freight,
As we share what of the nights we can,
Because I'M YOUR biggest fan.

Citrine & Stargazer: Our persons shall sing forth an opera
Capturing the feeling of your licking my claw,
And of the beauty I saw
In our being so mutually raw.

Citrine: Ever so beguiled
I've grown wild,
Forever a feral child.
After so long I've whiled,
I ever-know you're worth it.
You've struck my heart for an epic crit.
Your heart shall be mine
My favorite treat upon which to dine.