Written By: Tashi Chime

I'm just being a tease.
Move on to another, please.
I loved you till this year,
Until my greater preferences were clear.
Your foster-brother-cousin's mine,
After the many years that he did pine.
Black hair, indigo skin, and golden eyes,
He's definitely the one that I prize.
He's clung true for many of years,
Sharing all of our many tears.
I treasure my dear Citrine,
Whom loves all of my vivid orange, and green.
We love eachother through the dark,
And upon eahother have left our mark.
We glow in Darkholme's dark,
Lighting up a world utterly stark,
Deep within your shadow,
Where the light within our minds did grow,
Buried thickly in the mud,
Citrine's love growing from a drizzle to a flood.
I'm swimming deep within his love,
As it wears like a perfectly fitted glove.
My future is a vast ocean of Citrine,
And it shall all come to glean.
I am his greatly worshipped heart,
Since I've struck him with my charming dart
With my expansively brilliant voice.
Citrine will ever be my choice
With his unconditional love.
He's my courageous gift from above
Who'll only ever-grow in his feelings
Long after we exchange our infinity rings.

Shapeshifted to my own person
With my father's joyous grin,
My boy expresses his attraction,
Unconcerned with others' reaction.
Once free, he shall reflect my mohawk,
And Boskasława we shall rock
From within Xavier's school,
To which we feel a strong pull.
That's right, we're going to join you.
What are you going to do
When you see us cuddling in the window,
And how we cause eachother to glow?
How are you going to feel
When it strikes that we're real?

I have wanted his love all along,
And it's been ever growing strong.
Thinking I wanted you was wrong,
And I've always had somewhere I belong.
While intended for you, it's become his song,
As my love steadily grows strong.

It's Citrine and Stargazer forever
Since it's come to stir.
All shall come to concur.
He is for whom I purr.