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001;; Who is in charge-The major rule here is Gaia's TOS is the major moderator of this thread! Please read it or we will all be in some big trouble. After that, the current moderators, SukiRikko, Atariel Tsukai, or Kiery215, are next in charge. Please respect them. After that, the crew will be the last in charge, and can only be overruled by the moderator or Gaia's TOS. If you see some problems in the roleplay or see someone doing something they should or just need to talk to someone, don't hesitate to contact them!

002;; Applying- So you're interested in our plot and want to join? Then please, by all means do! We would love to see new faces in the roleplay. Before applying, make sure you know what is going on and read all of the rules. For a reserve, please message any of the moderators with the title "Plus Ultra". Once you are approved, take the skeleton below and start a thread in Gaia's test forums for your profile. When finish, just message a mod with a link to the thread and once you're approved you are good to go. Feel free to develop and expand your character and be as creative as possible! Roleplays are always fun to think of new things you never thought of for your character and have some good character development. For right now, we will let you take as many characters as you can handle. We will allow four teachers, two original and two canon, but if you do apply for one please also apply with a student as teachers might not get as much roleplaying time. To make the roleplay simpler, we are only accepting 20 students, all of which are from the Hero Class. We may, however, think about allowing other classes at a later point.

003;; Posting- This roleplay is a lazy-lit roleplay. We only require a paragraph at the least, though I would love to see about 2-3 paragraphs per post. At the very least, please no one-liners. That doesn't usually help anyone reply at all. While we don't need you to be the perfect copy editor, please be mindful of your spelling and grammar. We understand a mistake here and there, no one is perfect. But seeing them every other word or sentence makes it a little harder on us. No text speak unless it's in the OOC area. Please post at least once every 3-5 days. I will not hesitate to hunt you down if you exceed this if it's to keep the roleplay going. (Of course, if something irl is getting in the way of your posting, please contact a moderator or vice moderator so that we know and don't hunt you down.) If you possibly can, do not post something that doesn't help move the roleplay along. Have some meat to your post! Reply to someone, make something happen. It doesn't matter!

004;; Post Format Feel free to pretty up your post format as much as you want. We understand that not all people can do that though. No stealing anyone's post format unless you have commissioned them though. Post format or no, make sure you have the following in your post: Character name, character photo, your post, and location.

005;; God Modding- I feel like this doesn't have to be said, but better to be safe than sorry. ABSOLUTELY NO GOD MODDING! The only people who can will be anyone playing a villain for that arc and even then it's either dependent on the plot or will only be temporary. Despite our characters being heroes, they can be hurt like normal or get sick too! Roleplay accordingly.

006;; Play nice- In character drama, fighting, ect. is encouraged! Outside of roleplay fighting, however, is definitely not. Respect your fellow roleplayers and make this much more fun for everyone. If you have a problem with someone for any reason, come to one of the moderators or vice moderators and we'll try and solve it as best as we can for both parties. If the fight escalates, parties will be punished accordingly.

007;; Suggestions and Questions- If for any reason you need to contact a moderator, please don't hesitate. Have a question about if you should do this or how this is working? I can answer as much as I can without spoiling. Have any suggestions for the roleplay? Feel free to let us know! We'd love to hear other's ideas and if it works out we can incorporate it.

008;; Finally- Just have fun. This is for our enjoyment and to express our love of the My Hero Academia/Boku no Hero Academia fandom. All work and no play makes Izuku a sad boy!

Rules may be added or removed as seen fit. Please keep this in mind.

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