Chapter 3:

Bleak Falls Barrow was a rather, different experience than anything Sara had come across. It was the bandits, she was used to those. But what got her was what was waiting not to far. Most of the area had been cleared by the bandits. However one of them seemed to be having a bit of a problem. The way forward was blocked off by a gate. A lone leaver wasn't to far, however it seemed to be tired to three slabs with pictures of different animals on them. The lone bandit didn't seem to understand how this puzzle works, flicked the leaver, and was dead when the walls rained darts on him for getting it wrong.

Sara moves out slowly, poor b*****d. It wasn't that hard to figure out, there were three pillars to the side that could move. She turned them to match the slabs on the walls, flicked the leaver and the gate opened. She moves slowly, this part hadn't been cleared so there was no telling what might be waiting on this side of the tunnel. Nothing so far as she finds some stairs leading down. She moves slowly to only see something large and black leap at her. She blocks it with her shield, it looked to be some kind of large rat, only much uglier, if that was possible. There were a few of them, running after her, thinking she would be a easy meal. She made sort work of them once she got her blade out.

Once the staircase was clear she heads down to the door at the end and opens it slowly, only to see thick spiderwebs all over. She shudders a bit, remembering the large spiders under Helgen, and she did not like them one bit. However, she remembered how weak they were to fire, so she keeps her sword at her hip and gets her hands ready to use some magic. A small fireball forms in her hand as she sneaks along the floor. So far so good, and the webs bellow didn't slow her down. However she looks up, when she hears a males voice. "Is... is someone coming? Is that you Harknir? Bjorn? Soling? I know I ran ahead with the claw, but I need help!"

She heard a small conversation between the bandits about a claw and how it opened the door farther in the cave. "Please, get me down I'm sorry I ran!" She moves out to a small clearing and there it was, just above, waiting, a large angry spider, just waiting for it's meal to calm itself. The male in question was trapped in a thick web where the open door was. No doubt he was trying to get out when the spider snagged him in it's web, and he was stuck hard. She uses her fire to blast the spider from it's high perch. It staggers down as the webs it was on catch on fire and snap.

It lands on it's side and Sara keeps aiming her flames on the thing until it was a smoking ball of ash. The man in the webs, a dark elf looks up at her, his eyes pleading. "Cut me down, please I swear I won't run anymore!" She narrows her eyes at this elf, she didn't really believe him. She helped him down with her flames, however she did not let up and watched as he was quickly overcome by her magical fire. She moves slowly and checks his pack, finding the 'claw' the bandits had been talking of. It seemed to be made of gold, on the bottom, were three symbols, like with the other room they were animals. What interested her the most was how it looked like a dragons claw.

As she moved down the hall a bit, she suddenly found herself in some catacombs. No doubt the place was over run by the undead. However, she had never seen anything like these, draugr. Unlike the common skeletons she was used to, these had more power to them. Wielding swords that looked ancient, these things did not take her trespassing well. She had no time to use her magic, so she used her sword. If she spotted any still sleeping along the walls as she moved, she took it out with her bow. As she moves on, she hears a strange sound, the sound of a gate?

She moves to see along the wall was indeed a gate, lined with thick spikes. On the floor was a pressure plate and she nods, one of the undead creatures must had stumbled over it and the gate swung at full force and killed it. She goes around the plate and soon finds a door leading to the Sanctum. Nothing here, but a hall and some swinging axes. She lets out a low sigh, fun. She times the swings and moves at just the right moment. She almost got hit, but she gets to the other side and places a hand on her heart. She was getting far to old for this crap.

After a bit more fighting and getting lost a few times she comes to the large sealed door where the claw would be used. She steps up to the door, to see three sliding slabs when turned, showed a different animal. She looks to the claw and nods, matching what was on the claw. She shoves it into the holes and turns it, the large slab of a door clicks, and slides down the moment she removed the claw. So far, this whole thing had been easy. The door opens to a large open room, this had to be the end of it. The place was, quiet, save the large wall near the back of the Sanctum.

She didn't make much of it, until she looked at the writing. She had never seen anything like it, but one of the words, seemed to be, glowing? She walks up to it, slowly and it's power seems to flow right to her and she shivers, feeling something, new awaken inside of her. However she had no idea what it was, the only thing she heard was a whisper of a word, Fus, and that was it. She hears the lid of a near by sarcophagus fly open and another one of those odd looking undead things step out to attack her.

This one was a lot tougher than the others had been, but she doesn't let it get the best of her. Once the thing was dead, she finds the Dragonstone and lets out a deep breath. For the most part, she wasn't leaving this place empty handed. Between the bandits and all the urns, she came out with a good bit of gold and some other lost treasures. Though she had to wonder where this claw came from, had to belong to someone. Not only that, but what was the story behind that strange wall? She would have to find answers later as she finds a way out and heads back to Whiterun.