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Nuzlocke Challenge
This is more a reminder to myself than anything else.


1. A Pokemon that faints is considered dead, and must be either released, or boxed permanently.

2. Only the first Pokemon encountered in an area may be caught. If that Pokemon faints or no pokeballs are available, no other attempts can be made in that area.

3. Nickname every Pokemon obtained.

4. The challenge does not start until the first pokeballs are received.

5. Battle mode must be "set."


1. Duplicate Clause: Pokemon that have already been caught or killed in other areas do not count as the "first encounter" in a new area.

2. Event Clause: Pokemon obtained via in-game events (i.e. Wind Factory Drifloon, Lake of Rage Red Gyarados) are likewise exempt from the "first encounter" rule. However only one attempt can be made to capture it.

3. Shiny Clause: in the event of a shiny Pokemon appearing, an attempt may be made to catch it, regardless of the "first encounter" rule.

4. Pinwheel Clause: if a single area is divided into sections that require game progression to get through (i.e. Cracked Rocks before Rock Smash, Boulders before Strength), the newly opened section can be considered a new area provided the new section has different levels/encounters from the previous section.

5. Alternate Encounter Clause: related to the above, a route may be used to catch more than one Pokemon under the condition that it is of a different method than simply walking through tall grass. This includes fishing, honey trees, surfing, etc. However, only one alternate method can be used per area.

6. Starter Pokemon will be determined by the last digit of the trainer ID. 1-3 Grass; 4-6 Fire; 7-9 Water; 0 Trainer's choice.

The Journey of RINA

Day 1:
-Received Totodile from PROF. ELM, named him BAYOUBILLY.
-Met rival, TIFFANY.
-Caught Sentret on Route 29, named him PEANUT.
-Killed a Pidgey on Route 30... oh well.
-Caught Pidgey on Route 31, named her STORM.
-Caught Geodude in Dark Cave, named him CHUNKS.
-Caught Bellsprout on Route 36, named her THE HUNGER.
-Caught Ratatta at Bellsprout Tower, named him RAY.
-CHUNKS easily beat FALKNER, with assistance from BAYOUBILLY.
-Received EGG from ELM'S ASSISTANT.

Day 2:
-Caught Ekans on Route 32, named him TOOTHLESS.
-Obtained OLD ROD.
-Killed a Magikarp in Violet City... Why is the last hit always a crit?
-Caught Magikarp on Route 31, named him GARRY.
-Caught Sandshrew in Union Cave, named him DIRTAGNON.
-Hatched Togepi, named him MARKONAS.
-Caught Spearow on Route 33, named him GLAIVE.
-Caught Caterpie in Ilex Forest, named him THEMONARCH.
-Caught Zubat in Slowpoke Well... s**t. Named her BARBARA.
-THEMONARCH evolved into Metapod!

Day 3:
-THEMONARCH evolved into Butterfree!
-GLAIVE single-wingedly stomped BUGSY... but only by the skin of his beak.

Day 4:
-Defeated rival TIFFANY.
-Caught Hoothoot on Route 34, named him WISEGUY.

Day 5:
-Headbutted a tree in Ilex Forest and found Pineco! But accidentally killed it.

Day 6:
-Caught a Jigglypuff on Route 35, named her NIKKIMINAJ.
-Caught Sunkern in the National Park, named him HELIOS.
-Headbutt Tree Pineco kamikaze'd BARBARA on Route 36...
-Exeggcute headbutted on Route 35, and broke out of every single goddamn ball. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
-Won Abra from the Goldenrod Game Corner, named him KANEDA
-Earned Radio Card

Revenant Rogue
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    Choconut Creampies
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    BARBARA ; n ;

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