Hidden in Illusion
Hidden under a name.
A blanket.
A cloak.
We are unable to see past each other's smoke.
Whether it is white or black.
We are unable to tell what is a lie or a fact.
Among the many dangers,
lying about who you are under an avatar.
A picture.
An alias.
An occupation.
Anything to hide the identity,
even if it involves stealing.
Others become blinded.
Just because they feel misguided
or disjointed.
They say, "Don't believe what you read."
But, many fail to also remember, "Don't believe what you hear or see."
Their words can be toxic.
Their appearance can be as powerful as a tonic.
How can one differentiate a monster
and a friend?
A criminal
or a hero?
When almost all of us can only do is go forward
and end up being lead astray?
Sprinkle sugar on those words.
Rub salt on wounds.
All of this equates to heartbreak and headaches not later but soon.
-Snow that Flutters down like Feathers