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Lanzer's Journal
Story behind PocketCon
Some of you have asked the question why is Gaia starting on yet another new project. Why not only focus on Gaia Online? Why now, and what is even PocketCon anyways?

Well the story behind PocketCon started when we returned to Gaia back in 2016. As a company, Gaia had been creatively driven with ideas inside Gaia Online and out. While I spent my time focused on Gaia, other founders had been working on partnerships and external opportunities. It's the expectation that we had within our team, as well as our current investors going in. As a result, there were other services such as Lucky Live and Pop Square that Gaia was involved in.

Though why do we as a company want to focus on anything other than Gaia Online? There are two main reasons. First, as a company we wish to continue being creative and trying out new ideas with no limitations. Second, it makes business sense for us as a company to have more than one revenue source. Having multiple sources of revenue is important for a few things:

- obviously it lowers the risk and pressure for income. While cost for a company such as salary is very consistent, income fluctuates because some items might not sell as well, or a theme our supporters don't like. Having more than one source of revenue ensure that we as a company do not have to push as hard on GCash items in Gaia just to make ends meet.

- having multiple teams or products create shared resources. For example, our cost every month such as rent, server cost, slary for professionals such as accounting can now be shared between teams. If there is another team sharing the cost, then suddenly the GaiaOnline team will have numerous expenses cut by half, leaving more resources to hire programmers or artists to maintain and build new features, or maybe to simply have less pressure for revenue which results in less announcements around.

- shared technologies is also another aspect that is helpful. Currently with our resources, we simply don't have the man power to design systems from the ground up, and to take advantage of brand new tools and technologies. If we have funding for a new team working on a new product, then suddenly we will have a second team that develops new framework and tools that in turn can be used by GaiaOnline once they're ready. A better search engine, recommendation system, chat system, or a better forum/messaging system are all things that we can potentially take advantage of.

At the end of the day. Business reasons aside, I want to focus back on the creative aspect. Many of our team members had been working on Gaia Online for more than 10 years. Although we all love Gaia, for our engineers or artists, being able to work on different things after many years is something that comes naturally. Having more projects allow Gaia staffs to learn and try new things, and new opportunities open up for new staff members to work on Gaia Online itself.

Exploring these options gives Gaia as a company the money and resources we wouldn't have otherwise. In turns it will allow our teams to better serve the Gaia audience. We know that the current status quo doesn't give us much resources to improve all the things we want to do, that's why we're working hard to change that.

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little bunnies
Community Member

Mon Apr 02, 2018 @ 10:19pm

If it'll help Gaia in the long run, then I wish the other founders much success in their business ventures!

Community Member

Tue Apr 03, 2018 @ 02:42am

Knowing what the rationale is behind taking on this new project encourages my patience & support of the Gaia staff. No promises that I'll be using PocketCon, but thank you for the clarification of its multi-purposing.

Knight Yoshi
Community Member

Tue Apr 03, 2018 @ 02:54am

Well. I mean let's face it, the company that invested in Gaia wants a software company. That's pretty obvious.

What I, and most others, would in turn expect to see is the site actually get improvements. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Sight Ninja
Community Member

Tue Apr 03, 2018 @ 07:31pm

Kinda tagging onto what Knight Yoshi said, I'd much rather see Gaia turn into a Reddit-esque website than a Facebook-esque website.

For the most part, Reddit is pretty laid back in terms of making new projects, and simply works on improving the site. And it's got a large community, and fairly small team of developers.

Facebook is always looking to create new projects / buying tech companies, but I feel like the only reason I have a Facebook is so I can get in contact with family / coworkers as needed. I actually enjoy the community on Reddit and Gaia, but not so much on Facebook.

TL;DR while I hope for the best with any and all of Gaia Interactive's projects, I'd certainly love to see a focus on creating features / improving things on this site. (Which you guys have been doing a lot of over the past couple years, so hooray for that - I certainly don't want to discount any of the work that's been put in)

I do sympathize with you guys though because it seems like previous leadership really dwindled down the user base and I'm sure that's a huge part of the problem is how devalued Gaia Cash / items are...

Community Member

Tue Apr 03, 2018 @ 09:15pm

This makes a lot of sense, thanks for letting us know! biggrin

Community Member

Sat Apr 07, 2018 @ 09:28pm

i agree with Knight Yoshi and Sight Ninja. I'd like to add that Gaia Online has been a project of Gaia Interactive for many years and that this made gaians lose their faith and trust in Gaia. Gaia Online became this back project to which only a few people were assigned to. The mismanagement issues directly derive from that attitude.

i hope this is not a reboot of the Tentacl.com fiasco.

Bunni Hime
Community Member

Sun Apr 08, 2018 @ 11:14am

Thanks for explaining this to us! I feel like this needs to be posted out in the open for more people to see since the community has been quite torn over this issue.

On another note, I do understand how the new resources will be able to fund Gaia's needs at the same time and a new venture will give you guys new things to explore.
I don't know if we will or are allowed to get too much internal development updates, but I think it would definitely help the community a lot if we get those through staff alerts/ Twitter etc. So that we have things to look forward to and get excited about, instead of suddenly having something completely new pop out and wondering what Gaia's train of thought is for releasing something completely unrelated.
As it is, a lot of Loyal Gaiains are left in the dark really! ATS doesn't help if we don't know what's going on to even ask relevant questions.. And a lot will just be repeats if not made clear to the masses.

Ultimately, if you guys think that this will help in the long run, then I'll be around supporting you guys anyways. c:
A lot of us have been around Gaia for a long time as well so we only want to see it succeed again!
Thanks for working hard team! ♥

Community Member

Tue Apr 10, 2018 @ 07:24am

Thanks for the update as always Lanzer! heart

Community Member

Wed Apr 18, 2018 @ 10:14am

As long as we don't get a repeat of the Goldemort era I will welcome every development with open arms blaugh

Community Member

Fri Apr 20, 2018 @ 04:06am

Excuse me but can you Look into making deleting multiple items in inventory a Reality please??? It can't be taking this long for you to figure that out would be efficient and save time?

Community Member

Sat May 19, 2018 @ 03:47am

To me as long as Gaia thrives, its all good with me smile

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Tue May 29, 2018 @ 03:10am

Why don't you put up advertisements or sponsor a youtuber?

At this point, you are struggling because of a severe lack in userbase. Which could be more easily tackled with a few website ads(such as streaming sites like kissanime) or could be even faster populated with a mention mere meniton from a youtuber.

Youtubers like 'The anime man', 'Game Grumps', 'LeeandLie', 'Give Heart Records - Nathan Sharp', 'Kittykatgaming', 'Gloom', ect. Are all people that dabble in the anime/cartoon/game genre.

Having them merely mention 'Gaia Online', or having a Gaia Online youtube ad in general(That links directly to the website)... would bring in a lot more people and a lot more revenue.

I know advertising is expensive, but if you are suffering from a lack of userbase(and by extension, a lack of paying customers) then your only real options is to put out advertisements. After all, how are people supposed to find this website if they don't know that it exists?

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