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Thrown Out!
Umm...Just a journal to tell you all what's going on...if you care.
Name: Mìmì Húwáng [Mimi Huwan]
Age: 15 at the start of the school year
Birthday: May 3
Sign: Taurus
Blood Type: B-
Fav. Food: Peaches
Hated Food: Tofu. Please never hand her tofu again.

Quirk: Empathy. She feels the emotions of those in her immediate vicinity, though it tends to be like the buzz of electricity you hear from powerlines or cafeteria chatter; in the background unless you're paying attention. When she touches people skin-to-skin, however, she gets a stronger 'feed' and can send emotions to the person as well.

Family: Yuèliang Húwáng [43, adopted mother, news anchor, quirk 'Kyuubi'], Chàng Húwáng [23, adopted eldest brother, popstar FOX], Zhen Húwáng [21, adopted elder sister, Communications student, quirk], Zhàndòu Húwáng [19, adopted elder brother, Journalism student]
Her biological parents are unknown, and her mother is reluctant to share any info on them, beyond that they were Japanese.
Her father is a villain known as 'Yako' [true name unknown], who hasn't been seen active in at least a decade, and shares her Quirk of Empathy with none of her ethics in using it. Her mother was a woman named Kosho Saiseki, who went by 'Nogitsune' when aiding Yako in his villain work, with a quirk called 'Kitsunebi', allowing her to create numerous floating orbs of ghostly light that were ice-cold to the touch. Yuèliang was Kosho's best friend, and their fellow villain 'Tamamo', until something happened and Kosho begged Yuè to leave and take her newborn daughter with her, to hide her from Yako. Yuè has no idea what happened after she took the newborn and her three children and left.]

Hobbies: Partying - If there's one thing Mìmì is good at, and she knows it, it's partying. She's been going to house parties since her second year in junior high thanks to some [bad] friends of hers, and has even procured a fake ID for when she and said friends are feeling brave enough and think a bouncer is new enough to fall for it. It really isn't rare for Mìmì to end up calling one of her older siblings for a ride at 3am.
Aikido - Mìmì was forced to start Aikido lessons at the same dojo Zhan attends, but after some time, she did honestly start to enjoy it. She's not great, but Aikido lessons are a time where she can shut out the world and just...not be her for a little.
Cute stuff - Mìmì tends to keep this under wraps in person, but online and in the safety of her room? She is a giant cute stuff fiend. Plushies, movies and shows, merch, clothes, etc.
Baking - Introduced to baking shows thanks to her favorite streaming service, Mìmì has found herself throwing herself into baking and loves it. She's still very much an amateur, and she has more flops than not, but she tries, and she loves every frustrating moment. It's another thing she can throw herself into that isn't partying that lets her just...not be the embarrassment.

Virtues: Energetic - Mìmì is a bouncing ball of human energy. Even when she's had a rough night the night before, she seems capable of still rustling up the energy to keep on going through her day. Can't stop, won't stop, there's a million things she hasn't done.
People person - She loves people. She loves being around them, talking to them, even if she's not the center of attention. She's an extrovert who thrives off social activities, and she tries very hard to please, to keep people around.
Kind - Mìmì is the sort of person who, even when she's being self-destructive, will try to reach out to others in need. She may not be very good at comforting or helping the person, but that won't stop her from trying, from being a kind word and a free ear. She'll buy a drink [alcoholic or not] for the person looking glum, or bounce right up to the wallflower at a party and invite them to dance for a song.

Flaws: Mischievous - Mìmì's got a streak of humor that's a little sharp for some. She likes poking at buttons, likes the reactions she gets when someone realizes their favorite pencil isn't on their desk anymore and is now across the room or Mìmì's headphones may be up but they're not playing anything, she's just pretending not to hear. She doesn't take her mischief to the point where anyone can get hurt, but wow can she get under people's skin and get on their nerves.
Hot Mess - Mìmì's...not really Okay. As a result of falling in with a bad crowd early on in junior high, she's reckless, hedonistic, and self-destructive. Her family tries to reign her in, but the only one with any level of success so far is Zhan, and he's only one person, and can only be so many places at once, especially with college eating so much of his time. With her admittance to UA, she is trying to get better, but she doesn't always succeed.
Willful - She hates being told what to do by people she doesn't trust. She hates it, and will continue doing what she wants, whether it's good for her or not. Oh sure, she'll try to not do anything that'll get her or anyone else hurt or s**t, but...well, she's best termed 'a little s**t'.


Eyes: Kind of hazely-grey. Wide. Very Japanese in shape.
Hair: Knee-length, off-white/ivory in color. See refs for main hairstyles.
Face: Heart-shaped, pale skinned. Makeup ranges all over, depending on her mood. But if she's out and about, she's always got at least eyeliner and tinted lipgloss on.
Clothes: There's two sides to Mìmì: the Hot Mess and the Adorable. Most places will see her wearing the Hot Mess side of things, while home sees the Adorable side. And sometimes, she mixes them. More refs because wynaut.
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