The door flies off its hinges from the impact.

"Intruders, identify yourselves." The robotic female voice commands over their heads.

[G] smiles, pointing a pistol at the main security camera at the entrance.

"We are the Children of Hell, and we are here to take back control."


"[H], JUMP!" [S] screams, angling the platform closer for a brief second.

After a moment's hesitation, [H] leaps off the platform, forcing her balance forward onto the platform so that she did not fall to her death on level seven. She hits the ground, landing with a loud BANG on her side. She groans, but drags herself towards the inner part of the retracting platform.

The rocketboard flies straight, hitting the sides of the Factory and exploding in a puff of fire and smoke. [H] breathes heavily, rolling onto her back while clutching her arm.

"T-that was a really close call," she hisses through the pain.

The platform ascends, machines twisting, connecting, shifting, until the platform halts at level eight.


"Protect the mainframe!" [M] cries horridly, scrambling to the computer controls. "," She grabs her assistant by both shoulders and shakes him. "I need your help to activate the security program,"

"[M]," pushes the doctor off of him and shakes his head. He steps back, and runs his fingertips by the handle of the swords in the glass display boxes. "I can do better."